6.29.09 monday

It's 6:10am, and I'm already on my second cup of coffee, have walked the dog, paid bills online... I'm either waaaay ahead of the game, or simply got up much too early.

I'm thinking it's option #2.

Hubby needed to catch an early flight this morning, so the whole house got up to see him off. And, because we're creatures of habit, the dog had his breakfast at the literal crack of dawn, and we two headed out of the house for our morning constitutional. In an hour the main drag near my house will be clogged with traffic, commuters sucking down coffee and listening to the radio, heading into the District or Tysons for the start of the workweek...but at 5:30am, it was quiet, fog-wrapped, and peaceful, the streetlamps sporting misty halos. We strolled through a local park, and (half-heartedly) chased some birds. There's something about walking through a haze-cloaked park that feels magical, reminds me of being little and believing in endless possibilities, of reality being a guideline rather than a hard-and-fast fact.

I like that feeling.

Come to think of it, it's the same feeling I get at work, when the struggles and details melt into the background in service of the storytelling, and the magic, the artistry take (pardon the pun) center stage.


So today's challenge is to stay open to possibilities. To not get bogged down in (unhelpful - must qualify) details or bitchiness or inaction. Whew...tall order. Wish me luck.

My five:
  1. Lazy mornings.
  2. Wikipedia.
  3. Sensible shoes, after spending the previous day in a not-so-sensible pair.
  4. Greenery.
  5. Possibility.


6.28.09 things i like, part 8 billion two.

things I like:

And my five?
  1. Blueberries and lime. Divine.
  2. Random FB status messages.
  3. Silliness.
  4. Kind strangers.
  5. Lavender.



The show opened last night! I'm sending the cast, crew, and players thanks and good thoughts for a restful day - they really worked last night, and the outcome was fabulous!

However, I didn't sing a lick last night and I'm still exhausted today! (I can't imagine what our poor cast must feel like!) The boys (human, canine and feline) let me sleep in until 9am, which is close to a record. I'm in my most comfortable clothes, my hair was styled by the afternoon breeze, and I'm sporting no spackle - er, makeup. It's late afternoon now, and I'm still not feeling quite awake. In a way it's been luxurious, decadent even, allowing myself to feel sleepy and out-of-it for the better part of a day.

My one voyage out was to Tysons for a little retail therapy - after all, there were birthday gift certificates to spend! I bought some of this after a friend recommended it. I have a terrible time finding perfume that I like and can wear all day...if it has even a hint of lily in it, you can forget it! But this stuff is pretty and is made to layer...so I can use one flavor of lotion with a different perfume on top, and not feel like I smell like the Macy's perfume department on a busy Saturday evening. My other stop was here for stationery. I recently got in touch with a good friend from undergrad who is living in Europe. The magic of Facebook (yay!) brought us together, but we both agreed that there was something a little impersonal about email and FB messages. And that a mailbox full of only bills and advertisements and junk was tragic.

So now? I have a pen pal! A good, old-fashioned, living-on-another-continent pen pal. It's a bit of a challenge to order my thoughts so that they make sense on paper (I can already hear you, internet - "But Rahree, your internet posts don't make any sense? Why should your letters?"), and my penmanship isn't what it was, for sure. But I adore getting an envelope full of stories and thoughts about another culture. I'm really enjoying this new correspondence via an old method. I had a lovely time sharing my afternoon on the porch with someone, without having to speak a word.

Speaking of the porch, it's calling to me...says I've been neglecting it, not spending enough time lounging on it, listening to the wind chimes, watching the sunlight through the leaves. It's lonely, poor thing. I'm heading back out before it starts to full-on sulk.

My five:
  1. directionless, agenda-less days. Sure, that laundry won't do itself, but I feel pretty sure it'll still be there tomorrow...
  2. finding Asterix et Obelisk stickers in my German hazelnut candy. (?!) My dad had a hardbound set of the comics in his classroom...oh, the nostalgia!
  3. beautiful weather on a free day...a oh-so-welcome coincidence.
  4. sleeping animals.
  5. inspiration.



It's a day of endings, and a day of anticipation for new beginnings.

Recently we've lost several celebrities who were cultural icons...I had no personal run-ins with any of them, except to say that they were part of the cultural fabric of my youth. The Late Show, Charlie's Angels, Thriller... hell, I can still conjure a few of the dance moves from that video! (in an arthritic, omg such a white girl kind of way) Putting aside the personal scandals that the tabloids chose to exploit (and that I now choose to ignore), and focusing on them as entertainers, performers...I'll miss them. If not them specifically, then their material and what they meant to young Rahree, who stumbled (still does) when she speaks for large groups, has never had beautiful, flowing, feathered blonde hair, and who wanted more than anything to dance and sing for people.

In the anticipatory vein, hubby begins a new job on Monday, so it feels a bit like the calm before the storm. I've been talking with a friend about some exciting prospects and big ideas that have me daydreaming. And tomorrow night we open our first opera of the season, which is certainly cause for celebration!

I've had some heavy conversations today - all good, but thought-provoking. It's left me feeling thoughtful, and a little at sea...I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to feel rudderless, though. If anything, it'll force me to look at life through a different lens. (which would be good, because my lens this particular week has been cracked and wonky and less than clear...)

And in the "totally random" category? I was walking the dog when an SUV drove - waaaay too quickly - up to the corner. Windows up, music blaring. And, as he passed (I checked! It was most definitely a he!), the song became clear...

"I'm all out of love" by Air Supply.

My five:
  1. Random behavior. Keep me giggling, universe!
  2. Good gym music. 75 minutes of cardio today, without wanting to kill myself!
  3. Dish. I know I should rise above, but BOY do I love a good story!
  4. This dress. Like pajamas, but cute enough to wear to work.
  5. Spending an evening away from work. Yay!


6.22.09 short attention span theater

Busy day today! Here's the Cliff Notes version:

  • "Grrrr" workout at the gym. LOVE these days!
  • Orientation for some new arrivals, in which I totally forgot to have them fill out the MOST IMPORTANT HR FORM.
  • Payroll. Due 1.5 hours before it reached the appropriate desk. Dang.
  • Corralled the new singers to ask them to fill out that pesky aforementioned HR form. Felt like a total dork.
  • Popped a handful of Tums.
  • Got a hug from one of my mentors, on campus working with some singers. Yay!
  • It's not the same as seeing a man about a horse, but saw a man about a laptop and a trailer.
  • Touched up my lipstick. (you really needed to know that one, right?)
  • Spoke briefly in front of a reception. Tried to sound slightly polished. Didn't really succeed, but hey! An 'A' for effort?
  • Chatted with singers and patrons and donors. Met a local twitterer who always has tasty things on the menu...nice to meet her IRL!
  • Drove home. The long way.
  • Made gnocchi for dinner. Ate most of it.
  • Found this video online. Will use it for a conduct baseline for the summer...if I'm not there, I'm probably OK.
  • Received a letter from the Motherland. Part of it's even written in Polish! (Thank goodness JG translated it for me) The Stationery Project continues...
Which brings us to the present time...listening to Department of Eagles and Pete Yorn, with a cat snuggled on my lap...contemplating an early bedtime, yet again...marveling in the good fortune that brought me to this place, this job, this moment. Looking forward to a design presentation and to sitting in on some rehearsals tomorrow. Life is indeed good.

My five:
  1. Control of the clicker.
  2. Silence.
  3. Great colleagues and friends.
  4. Butter. (seriously, I'm not convinced anything's tastier.)
  5. Mercurial sunsets.


6.21.09 Celebrations!

Today is a special day! It's Fathers Day and KPW's birthday and RK's birthday and MB's birthday, and MY birthday!

Add in some Mozart and sushi and, well, it's pretty much a perfect day.

(I'm in some pretty spectacular company, eh?)

I'm spending today being thankful...for all the great memories of my dad, for being relatively healthy, for being surrounded and supported by such great friends and colleagues, for having a fabulous hubby and family.

It's going to be a great year!

My five:
  1. Celebrations.
  2. Memories.
  3. Silly stories.
  4. Health.
  5. Laughter.



It happens every summer...things get busy and my blog gets quiet. It's not that there's a lack of things to talk about, but really quite the opposite; lots going on, lots of office time and the little time I get to hang at home is spent with hubby and the critters. But there's lots to catch you up on, so here goes!

On the homefront: landscaping! We had firs and two weeping willow trees planted last week. The landscapers weeded my beds and mulched, and patched up the sod. The yard is looking quite lovely! Heading today to SW's house to go "shopping" for more mint and lemon balm and fennel for some herb pots. I'm very excited to get my hands dirty!

Also on the homefront, hubby is making a job move. I won't say much (he's not a huge fan of me writing about him) other than to say it's a great move for him, and I'm really proud of him for taking the step. He's a rock star.

As far as work goes, we had our last (sniff, sniff!) ballet class last week. I was thrilled to see how much progress the studio singers made in class. By the end the combinations were smooth and musical, without a lick of singing. It was pretty awesome!

And the big thing about this week is hey! It's Tech Week! (Also known as "Hell Week" to some.) We'll have orchestra reading sessions in the mornings, and will move into the theater this evening for the start of some looooong technical and dress rehearsals. These are very, very necessary rehearsals, for they address and fix the production's physical issues: working with costume pieces, negotiating the actual set, dealing with the acoustic differences in the new space, remembering props and entrances. Lots of things can - and will - go awry. And due to the long hours and the high expectations, these rehearsals aren't ever considered "fun:" a necessary evil, to be sure, but not so much a good time.

One of the coolest things about late June - beside opening a fabulous show in the Barns - is the puddle of birthdays that occur in the office. Stageman had a birthday last week, Princess LaLa had her 26th yesterday. (I am continually surprised that she's a full 10 years younger than I...I had nowhere near her kind of poise when I was in my mid-20s!) KPW and coach MB and I share a birthday on Sunday, LaJefa and SW celebrate theirs later on this week. It's a plethora of birthdays, and I'm thrilled to be in such good company. We kicked off the season with a little (read: SCADS of) barbeque courtesy of the masterful RT, and everyone played with Oliver the puppy and their new iPhones as the sun set. It was lovely.

My five:
  1. Change. Always scary, but often good.
  2. This stuff. Holy cow is it good in a tipsy Arnold Palmer!
  3. Patience. I don't have much of it, but I'm indebted to my friends and family who do.
  4. Flowers. I know, I'm such a girl. But I love that they grow around my house!
  5. Memories. Sharing a birthday with Father's Day is bittersweet, but it's making me happy this year.


6.17.09 link-o-rama

Ok, it's been a looooong while. Time for some links!

  • I don't live here, but now I kinda wish I did. If for no other reason than the sheer number of Starbucks would make my morning caffeination a breeze.
  • I love this. I have no use for it, but I think it's pretty awesome.
  • Spirographs were one of my favorite toys...if I could get away with these at work, I'd totally trade mine in.
  • Mmmmm... yes please!
  • I'm all for irreverence, even though I have recently darkened a church doorstep. I'm a complicated girl.
  • Hoping to test drive this soon. Looks gorgeous, eh?
  • I know people who would LOVE these. Me? Well, I'd have to try one, but I doubt it'd get much farther than that.
  • Wonder where I am? You can check here and probably figure it out. No stalkers, please.
More to come, but that's all I have brain cells for this evening. Well, that and my 5:

  1. New music.
  2. Good news.
  3. More trees! In the yard!
  4. HUGE ocean scallops for dinner.
  5. Good, friendly neighbors.


6.16.09 Getting organized

I'm awake early on this Tuesday morning...while I'm not naturally a morning person, the rest of my household prefers dawn to dusk, so I'm on their schedule for a few more days until performances and tech rehearsals flip me around to my natural, vampyric state. We have quite the little routine...the dog licks my face until I cry for mercy, then he and the cat and I head downstairs for breakfast while hubby gets ready for work. I make myself a cup of joe, (one for hubby too, if he needs it. Sometimes he doesn't. I don't really understand that...) and then I do email triage: responding, junking, filing. It helps me feel like I've made some headway before getting into the office, and allows me to really enjoy my walk with Boo with a clear, some might say empty, head.

The first thing I do when I get to my office, (well, after getting the computer booted up and running and turning the music on,) is to make a to-do list. Another attempt to stay organized. I've tried to rely on my Outlook calendar and tasks, tried to keep the list on my phone, but nothing holds mes devoirs in my head more than putting pen to paper and scribbling them out. At this time of year the to-do list isn't moving terribly quickly, and I end up scratching the date off the top of the page and replacing it with a new one every day or so. It'll be really nice to check off everything on the list and turn over a nice, clean piece of paper!

Along the same lines, we did a workshop with the WTOS singers about professional materials the other night..they're a smart group, and their materials just needed some basic organization. (I hope the session was helpful to them, and that I didn't just blather...my conversational style is often less than linear.)

So today's theme is organization. Obvs. And I have no doubt that I'll arrive at work this morning, and all my plans for a relaxed, measured day will be thrown completely out the window. C'est la vie, c'est la guerre!

My five:
  1. Willow trees...having 2 planted today!
  2. New tunes.
  3. Feeling helpful.
  4. Pen on graph paper.
  5. Comfortable shoes.


6.14.09, part 2.

I've written about my struggles with church in the past...now that I'm no longer a paid Protestant or Catholic, there's not the regular expectation of attendance. And my recent religious experiences have become all tied up with my dad's passing, rather than in celebrating a relationship with something larger than myself and my little world.

I took a small step to change that today, and went to church.

I knew most of the hymns, and sang my rusty little heart out. And I shook hands with a 6(ish) year old boy who then was my best buddy...I wish his mom had let us whisper a little longer, but I understand that she was teaching him how to be a good congregant. He was super cute.

It was comfortable. Meaningful.

I may even go back.

My five:
  1. Beautiful days.
  2. Puzzles.
  3. Assembly-required furniture. (see #2)
  4. Oliver, the bounciest dachshund ever.
  5. Bare feet.

6.14.09 the napster

I don't nap.

I find that I usually feel worse after a nap than if I just waited the sleepy feeling out and went to bed early. When I do nap, it's exclusively in the summer...something about the heat and my feline proclivities make curling up in the sunshine almost worth the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks feeling I have afterwards. But I try to avoid napping unless I'm sick or totally hungover.

I was neither of those things yesterday.

But I napped. Three hours worth. On the bench on my front porch. In full view of the neighborhood.

There was a beautiful breeze, helped along by the ceiling fans. A distant neighbor was mowing the grass, another was collecting guests for a party...and there was the occasional passing automobile.

It was lovely.

Hubby's best bud from college and his wife and new (ish? 7 months - old enough to sit up, not crawling though) baby stayed with us Friday night, and we talked and ate and laughed (and watched Lord Stanley - go Pens!) for several hours, but not into the wee hours by any means. Saturday morning we got moving in a lazy manner, went to visit a monument or two and to see my workplace, and grabbed lunch. They were on the road by 1:30pm at the latest.

I was asleep by 1:45pm. At the latest.

And I'm embarrassed to say that I went to bed before hubby did... early early.

The upswing? I feel fan-freaking-TAS-tic today! It almost (almost - don't get excited) feels like it could be a caffeine-free morning, that's how good I feel.

Feeling antsy to get some things done before heading into the office this morning. (On the to-do list? Pick up some calamine lotion...seems that mosquitos don't so much nap. My ankles and feet are all chewed up!)

Note to self: Maybe you need 12 hours of sleep daily. Try to add napping to the repertoire.

My five:
  1. The Sunday paper.
  2. Sunlight through leaves...nature's gentle disco ball.
  3. Health.
  4. Low humidity...it won't last, but it's lovely.
  5. Laughter.


6.10.09 the aftermath

Boy, was yesterday awesome! (And no, there's honestly no sarcasm in that statement.) It started out with a dance class in which I actually kept up with a group of twenty-somethings...in college I took dance class several mornings weekly, and the routine of waking up, putting on workout clothes, stretching myself silly and then trying to stay in alignment while going across the floor felt amazingly comfortable. It was seriously hotter than the hinges of hell in the room, but the humid heat was so great for stretching - I felt taller (and smellier, sadly) when class was over. And the fact that SS used Peter Gabriel's Passion album for part of the morning made it that much better - so fabulous.

Then to work - orientation for new company members, meetings, a side trip to check out supertitle screen placement, some back-and-forth with tech companies...it was such a whirlwind that I didn't even make it the whole way through my email inbox. (I have a whole post in me about my dysfunctional relationship with email, but I'll save it for another day...a really, really boring day.) And I cut out promptly at five because Hey! Pink Martini!

And then the sky turned black. I swear that I saw flying monkeys when I was leaving the building. Picked up some dog food, and just made it to the porch when the sky opened. Boo and I sat on the porch for a while...I watched the storm; Boo watched me eat a sandwich, totally unconcerned about the weather (except when the thunder got loud enough to distract him from his singular sandwich focus).

Once the weather started to clear, we all converged in a big, soggy mess on the FC lawn. Neighbors, childhood friends, babies, buddies from grad school...even with the weather we had a respectable showing, more than enough treats for everyone, and a pitcher of lovely, tart, pink martinis. And the rain stopped as the opening act launched into a rockin instrumental version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Aaaaahhhh...it was really an incredible evening, if a little damp around the edges.

And the coolest thing? I got to meet the pianist/bandleader. I have a total nerd crush on him, and we actually talked a little opera.

It. Was. Awesome.

Am feeling a little tired, a little stiff from class this morning, but am as happy as a clam. Hoping today is just as fun as yesterday! (Although I'm hoping for a little more productivity today, too.)

My five:
  1. Great music.
  2. Friends who will brave the elements to spend time with me.
  3. Marmot rain gear and tarps.
  4. Being looked after be wonderful people.
  5. Waking up with a husky voice from the weather and the wine.


6.9.09 for realz.

Finally, it's June 9th! Finally for two reasons: first, that it's Pink Martini night! And secondly, because I thought yesterday was June 9th, and was corrected no fewer than five times...it's nice to be back in sync with the world around me.

Although to be honest, the world around me is slightly out-of sync. A full moon followed by house-shaking pre-dawn thunderstorms has made things seem seriously off-kilter. The animals, (feline, canine, and human) spent the evening in restless sleep, prowling the house for water, intruders and (in kitty's case) attention from the sleeping humans.

Bad kitty.

I'm spending the morning with the Studio in dance class. Dancing. I'm excited to take class, if a little nervous. But it's good...as an admin type, it'd be easy to say "Go. Do." without doing it myself. "Go make these copies for me." "Go mail this really heavy package." "Go clean out the storeroom." "Go do this thing that I really really don't want to even think about doing." My colleagues are fabulous at both doing (and knowing how to do - just as important) everything that needs to be done, regardless of the status of the task. And while somethings fall to some folks because they're good at it (SW - I promise to never file without supervision again!), it's nice to know that any one of us could jump in and "Go. Do."

So I feel it's important for me to take the classes that I can, to show that the admin staff is willing to put ourselves out there, just as we're asking the singers and pianists to do. We - I - may not be terribly able, but I certainly am willing.

And then, this evening? Pink Martini. On the lawn. Most likely in pouring rain and 100% humidity. I can promise that I'll be out there for at least a little while, soggy backside and rain-diluted martini notwithstanding. Care to join me?

My five:
  1. Long post-storm walks with Boo.
  2. Deep talks with good friends.
  3. Bug repellent.
  4. Opportunities.
  5. Honest work.


6.8.09 Free Day!

In the summer we work a 6-day week. If you're in the business of making opera, this is not news to you; it's the way most companies structure their rehearsals. If you work at a foundation or other arts non-profit, however, this might indeed be news. So it's about 8am on a Monday morning, and I'm not running late, not hopping into the shower, not trying to get a quick walk in with the dog after oversleeping...nope.

I'm working on the dent in my couch. Oh, yeah. And while I know that I'll have to check in on email and other things during the day, the fact that I could spend all day in my pajamas if I wanted makes it totally acceptable. Wow...when's the last time I spent all day in my pajamas? It's been a loooong time...probably even longer if I don't count the times that I was too sick to get out of bed. Even though I don't have one of those "100 things to do before I die" lists, if I did I'd place "spend an entire day loafing around in my jammies" squarely in the top 20. I don't know if I'd get antsy or if I'd enjoy it, but I should probably give it the old college try at least once, right?

But I actually have a fairly large domestic to-do list today...the house is a mess, the iPhone is sick, the toes need some TLC, and the dog is patiently waiting for his morning constitutional. More importantly, I need to chase down picnic provisions for one of my FAVORITE shows, happening tomorrow evening. We'll have a crowd, rain or shine, and assorted pink adult beverages to taste, and lots of laughter - if you're planning to come, I hope you'll join us on the lawn!

My five:
  1. Manageable snippets of unstructured time.
  2. Beautiful spring weather.
  3. Unbridled enthusiasm.
  4. Honeysuckle. Smells like my childhood.
  5. A slightly slower pace.



We kicked off the summer season with a recital performance last night...SB is a genius, and somehow negotiates decades of obscure song rep like he's playing chopsticks. Is there anything that this man doesn't know about song? Unlikely, I think. Plus, even with the volume of his daily struggles he still is way closer to Flicka than Kathy on the diva scale. It was a great evening with outstanding performances from 4 of our singers, and it just makes me anticipate the next concert that much more.

And puppets. Did I mention there were puppets? I think they were a recital first!

However, after standing in my heels for much of the evening, my legs are sore. Note to self: flatter shoes for performance nights. My knees feel like there's sand inside 'em. No good, that!

So I'm taking a little time getting around this morning...am curled up on the couch, spending some time with hubby and the animals before heading back into work today. Today is all about spreadsheets, sadly...but with the windows open, and the music playing loudly (and a few minutes spent in the rehearsal room putting it into perspective), I should be able to hack through it.

My five:
  1. New hanging baskets...hubby picked some of the most beautiful plants I've seen for our porch. He's awesome.
  2. Hubby. See #1.
  3. Sparkly sunlight on leaves.
  4. Lemon Mint. One of my neighbors has a large patch, and I steal a leaf every time Boo and I walk past.
  5. A good start to the season.


6.4.09 a love note

There's so much happening...we're at mach 7 at work, and it's invigorating. When there's lots to do it's tempting to get into the "get-'er-done" groove: close the office door, pretend that the music is up too loud to hear anyone (even though iTunes is off because the music doesn't really allow me to concentrate), and immerse myself in the projects at hand. It's much easier to find the time and mental space to work on big projects in the spring, but that doesn't mean that the projects go away once we're in season.

Oh, no.

But this is the time that relationships are forged, cemented, tested. Some folks make progress, while others regress. For a short time we're all being asked to do more, better, faster, and in a better humor. Usually long hours+new folks+ pressure=grumpy people.

But if you were to measure my laughter over the last two weeks, you'd find the volume of it to be in the realm of a metric ton. Or, aurally speaking, an 11 on your 1-10 amp scale. My colleagues are a generous, talented, witty, silly bunch: amazingly smart, inventive, consistently positive, and willing to go the extra mile for a really, really good joke. This little operatic playpen we've created is pretty freakin' awesome.

So, to KPW, RT, EM, JB, SW, and our newest member AC: you guys are rock stars! And I'm lucky to have the opportunity to work with you day in and day out.

(The check from my mom is in the mail. She thanks you, too.)

My five:
  1. Fun, interesting work.
  2. Beautiful tunes, genre aside.
  3. Footrubs.
  4. Pesto.
  5. Baths.


6.2.09 Warp Speed!

Wow, things change quickly! It seems like one minute I was exchanging music suggestions with a singer, and the next I was struggling to return email within a 6-hour window. (Sidebar to friends and family: even though I haven't returned your calls, I'm fine. See you in September.)

But work has been terribly exciting over the last thirty-six hours. New folks and new projects, and the energy level on our floor has gone through the roof! I'm really enjoying getting to know the new singers, and there's a openness, an eagerness to the work that's amazing and totally refreshing. I'm digging it. BIG. TIME.

Today I got a visceral reminder of how integral inspiration is to my job. Our Studio Singers are working with SS, a prima ballerina in technique and poise and grace and experience and countless other aspects, but who is also totally down to earth and fun and approachable. (In other words, a colleague that I could totally be friends with - I heart her!) In the dance community her class would be approached with awe and reverence - such are her credentials. But we put her in a room with a group of young opera singers, many with no dance experience, who express discomfort and nervousness verbally, and sometimes quite loudly and goofily.

They loved her. And I'm pretty sure that she loved them right back.

She pushed them, worked them for two hours straight. By then end of class they were familiar with lots of movement vocabulary, had each fought through something that made them uncomfortable, and were going across the floor in totally respectable combinations. They did everything she asked without resistance, and looked awesome.

I sat and watched. Not thinking ahead, I wore a skirt (a comfy skirt, but nonetheless, a skirt) to class. I'm an administrator - these classes are not intended for me, and I was just there to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

But I really wanted to move. The eagerness, the warmth, the collaboration in the room was so compelling that it was amazingly difficult to sit as a spectator on the sidelines. To watch a fabulous dancer spend such concentrated time on folks who will never wear toe shoes? To see a group of singers hang on a dancer's every word? Inspiring seems like such a small, weak word for it...

As class ended, SS said that her favorite part of the class was a brief moment where she asked the singers to find the poetry in the movement. She noticed a marked difference in their physical attitude once she allowed them to think of class as more than a workout (which it was - I can vouch!), rather, as art.

I'm taking her lead this week. It may feel like something else: work, penance, purgatory or heaven. However it feels, I'm going to remind myself that it's art. It's art.

My five:
  1. Excitement.
  2. Inspiration.
  3. Getting comfortable with discomfort.
  4. Friends. Have I mentioned that I LOVE summer???
  5. Opportunities. I'm totally crashing one (or more) of these classes!



Happy June!

We start rehearsals today for our first opera, and are welcoming some 25 artists to Wild Times Opera Camp this morning, some familiar faces and many new to us. Lots to do, not so much time to write - forgive my brevity!

My five:
  1. Excitement.
  2. Reconnecting with old friends.
  3. New possibilities.
  4. Mozart.
  5. Pencil skirts.