6.10.09 the aftermath

Boy, was yesterday awesome! (And no, there's honestly no sarcasm in that statement.) It started out with a dance class in which I actually kept up with a group of twenty-somethings...in college I took dance class several mornings weekly, and the routine of waking up, putting on workout clothes, stretching myself silly and then trying to stay in alignment while going across the floor felt amazingly comfortable. It was seriously hotter than the hinges of hell in the room, but the humid heat was so great for stretching - I felt taller (and smellier, sadly) when class was over. And the fact that SS used Peter Gabriel's Passion album for part of the morning made it that much better - so fabulous.

Then to work - orientation for new company members, meetings, a side trip to check out supertitle screen placement, some back-and-forth with tech companies...it was such a whirlwind that I didn't even make it the whole way through my email inbox. (I have a whole post in me about my dysfunctional relationship with email, but I'll save it for another day...a really, really boring day.) And I cut out promptly at five because Hey! Pink Martini!

And then the sky turned black. I swear that I saw flying monkeys when I was leaving the building. Picked up some dog food, and just made it to the porch when the sky opened. Boo and I sat on the porch for a while...I watched the storm; Boo watched me eat a sandwich, totally unconcerned about the weather (except when the thunder got loud enough to distract him from his singular sandwich focus).

Once the weather started to clear, we all converged in a big, soggy mess on the FC lawn. Neighbors, childhood friends, babies, buddies from grad school...even with the weather we had a respectable showing, more than enough treats for everyone, and a pitcher of lovely, tart, pink martinis. And the rain stopped as the opening act launched into a rockin instrumental version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Aaaaahhhh...it was really an incredible evening, if a little damp around the edges.

And the coolest thing? I got to meet the pianist/bandleader. I have a total nerd crush on him, and we actually talked a little opera.

It. Was. Awesome.

Am feeling a little tired, a little stiff from class this morning, but am as happy as a clam. Hoping today is just as fun as yesterday! (Although I'm hoping for a little more productivity today, too.)

My five:
  1. Great music.
  2. Friends who will brave the elements to spend time with me.
  3. Marmot rain gear and tarps.
  4. Being looked after be wonderful people.
  5. Waking up with a husky voice from the weather and the wine.


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