6.14.09 the napster

I don't nap.

I find that I usually feel worse after a nap than if I just waited the sleepy feeling out and went to bed early. When I do nap, it's exclusively in the summer...something about the heat and my feline proclivities make curling up in the sunshine almost worth the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks feeling I have afterwards. But I try to avoid napping unless I'm sick or totally hungover.

I was neither of those things yesterday.

But I napped. Three hours worth. On the bench on my front porch. In full view of the neighborhood.

There was a beautiful breeze, helped along by the ceiling fans. A distant neighbor was mowing the grass, another was collecting guests for a party...and there was the occasional passing automobile.

It was lovely.

Hubby's best bud from college and his wife and new (ish? 7 months - old enough to sit up, not crawling though) baby stayed with us Friday night, and we talked and ate and laughed (and watched Lord Stanley - go Pens!) for several hours, but not into the wee hours by any means. Saturday morning we got moving in a lazy manner, went to visit a monument or two and to see my workplace, and grabbed lunch. They were on the road by 1:30pm at the latest.

I was asleep by 1:45pm. At the latest.

And I'm embarrassed to say that I went to bed before hubby did... early early.

The upswing? I feel fan-freaking-TAS-tic today! It almost (almost - don't get excited) feels like it could be a caffeine-free morning, that's how good I feel.

Feeling antsy to get some things done before heading into the office this morning. (On the to-do list? Pick up some calamine lotion...seems that mosquitos don't so much nap. My ankles and feet are all chewed up!)

Note to self: Maybe you need 12 hours of sleep daily. Try to add napping to the repertoire.

My five:
  1. The Sunday paper.
  2. Sunlight through leaves...nature's gentle disco ball.
  3. Health.
  4. Low humidity...it won't last, but it's lovely.
  5. Laughter.


there are few joys a singular as the well planned or spontaneous nap...

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