6.16.09 Getting organized

I'm awake early on this Tuesday morning...while I'm not naturally a morning person, the rest of my household prefers dawn to dusk, so I'm on their schedule for a few more days until performances and tech rehearsals flip me around to my natural, vampyric state. We have quite the little routine...the dog licks my face until I cry for mercy, then he and the cat and I head downstairs for breakfast while hubby gets ready for work. I make myself a cup of joe, (one for hubby too, if he needs it. Sometimes he doesn't. I don't really understand that...) and then I do email triage: responding, junking, filing. It helps me feel like I've made some headway before getting into the office, and allows me to really enjoy my walk with Boo with a clear, some might say empty, head.

The first thing I do when I get to my office, (well, after getting the computer booted up and running and turning the music on,) is to make a to-do list. Another attempt to stay organized. I've tried to rely on my Outlook calendar and tasks, tried to keep the list on my phone, but nothing holds mes devoirs in my head more than putting pen to paper and scribbling them out. At this time of year the to-do list isn't moving terribly quickly, and I end up scratching the date off the top of the page and replacing it with a new one every day or so. It'll be really nice to check off everything on the list and turn over a nice, clean piece of paper!

Along the same lines, we did a workshop with the WTOS singers about professional materials the other night..they're a smart group, and their materials just needed some basic organization. (I hope the session was helpful to them, and that I didn't just blather...my conversational style is often less than linear.)

So today's theme is organization. Obvs. And I have no doubt that I'll arrive at work this morning, and all my plans for a relaxed, measured day will be thrown completely out the window. C'est la vie, c'est la guerre!

My five:
  1. Willow trees...having 2 planted today!
  2. New tunes.
  3. Feeling helpful.
  4. Pen on graph paper.
  5. Comfortable shoes.


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