6.17.09 link-o-rama

Ok, it's been a looooong while. Time for some links!

  • I don't live here, but now I kinda wish I did. If for no other reason than the sheer number of Starbucks would make my morning caffeination a breeze.
  • I love this. I have no use for it, but I think it's pretty awesome.
  • Spirographs were one of my favorite toys...if I could get away with these at work, I'd totally trade mine in.
  • Mmmmm... yes please!
  • I'm all for irreverence, even though I have recently darkened a church doorstep. I'm a complicated girl.
  • Hoping to test drive this soon. Looks gorgeous, eh?
  • I know people who would LOVE these. Me? Well, I'd have to try one, but I doubt it'd get much farther than that.
  • Wonder where I am? You can check here and probably figure it out. No stalkers, please.
More to come, but that's all I have brain cells for this evening. Well, that and my 5:

  1. New music.
  2. Good news.
  3. More trees! In the yard!
  4. HUGE ocean scallops for dinner.
  5. Good, friendly neighbors.


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