It happens every summer...things get busy and my blog gets quiet. It's not that there's a lack of things to talk about, but really quite the opposite; lots going on, lots of office time and the little time I get to hang at home is spent with hubby and the critters. But there's lots to catch you up on, so here goes!

On the homefront: landscaping! We had firs and two weeping willow trees planted last week. The landscapers weeded my beds and mulched, and patched up the sod. The yard is looking quite lovely! Heading today to SW's house to go "shopping" for more mint and lemon balm and fennel for some herb pots. I'm very excited to get my hands dirty!

Also on the homefront, hubby is making a job move. I won't say much (he's not a huge fan of me writing about him) other than to say it's a great move for him, and I'm really proud of him for taking the step. He's a rock star.

As far as work goes, we had our last (sniff, sniff!) ballet class last week. I was thrilled to see how much progress the studio singers made in class. By the end the combinations were smooth and musical, without a lick of singing. It was pretty awesome!

And the big thing about this week is hey! It's Tech Week! (Also known as "Hell Week" to some.) We'll have orchestra reading sessions in the mornings, and will move into the theater this evening for the start of some looooong technical and dress rehearsals. These are very, very necessary rehearsals, for they address and fix the production's physical issues: working with costume pieces, negotiating the actual set, dealing with the acoustic differences in the new space, remembering props and entrances. Lots of things can - and will - go awry. And due to the long hours and the high expectations, these rehearsals aren't ever considered "fun:" a necessary evil, to be sure, but not so much a good time.

One of the coolest things about late June - beside opening a fabulous show in the Barns - is the puddle of birthdays that occur in the office. Stageman had a birthday last week, Princess LaLa had her 26th yesterday. (I am continually surprised that she's a full 10 years younger than I...I had nowhere near her kind of poise when I was in my mid-20s!) KPW and coach MB and I share a birthday on Sunday, LaJefa and SW celebrate theirs later on this week. It's a plethora of birthdays, and I'm thrilled to be in such good company. We kicked off the season with a little (read: SCADS of) barbeque courtesy of the masterful RT, and everyone played with Oliver the puppy and their new iPhones as the sun set. It was lovely.

My five:
  1. Change. Always scary, but often good.
  2. This stuff. Holy cow is it good in a tipsy Arnold Palmer!
  3. Patience. I don't have much of it, but I'm indebted to my friends and family who do.
  4. Flowers. I know, I'm such a girl. But I love that they grow around my house!
  5. Memories. Sharing a birthday with Father's Day is bittersweet, but it's making me happy this year.


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