6.22.09 short attention span theater

Busy day today! Here's the Cliff Notes version:

  • "Grrrr" workout at the gym. LOVE these days!
  • Orientation for some new arrivals, in which I totally forgot to have them fill out the MOST IMPORTANT HR FORM.
  • Payroll. Due 1.5 hours before it reached the appropriate desk. Dang.
  • Corralled the new singers to ask them to fill out that pesky aforementioned HR form. Felt like a total dork.
  • Popped a handful of Tums.
  • Got a hug from one of my mentors, on campus working with some singers. Yay!
  • It's not the same as seeing a man about a horse, but saw a man about a laptop and a trailer.
  • Touched up my lipstick. (you really needed to know that one, right?)
  • Spoke briefly in front of a reception. Tried to sound slightly polished. Didn't really succeed, but hey! An 'A' for effort?
  • Chatted with singers and patrons and donors. Met a local twitterer who always has tasty things on the menu...nice to meet her IRL!
  • Drove home. The long way.
  • Made gnocchi for dinner. Ate most of it.
  • Found this video online. Will use it for a conduct baseline for the summer...if I'm not there, I'm probably OK.
  • Received a letter from the Motherland. Part of it's even written in Polish! (Thank goodness JG translated it for me) The Stationery Project continues...
Which brings us to the present time...listening to Department of Eagles and Pete Yorn, with a cat snuggled on my lap...contemplating an early bedtime, yet again...marveling in the good fortune that brought me to this place, this job, this moment. Looking forward to a design presentation and to sitting in on some rehearsals tomorrow. Life is indeed good.

My five:
  1. Control of the clicker.
  2. Silence.
  3. Great colleagues and friends.
  4. Butter. (seriously, I'm not convinced anything's tastier.)
  5. Mercurial sunsets.


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