The show opened last night! I'm sending the cast, crew, and players thanks and good thoughts for a restful day - they really worked last night, and the outcome was fabulous!

However, I didn't sing a lick last night and I'm still exhausted today! (I can't imagine what our poor cast must feel like!) The boys (human, canine and feline) let me sleep in until 9am, which is close to a record. I'm in my most comfortable clothes, my hair was styled by the afternoon breeze, and I'm sporting no spackle - er, makeup. It's late afternoon now, and I'm still not feeling quite awake. In a way it's been luxurious, decadent even, allowing myself to feel sleepy and out-of-it for the better part of a day.

My one voyage out was to Tysons for a little retail therapy - after all, there were birthday gift certificates to spend! I bought some of this after a friend recommended it. I have a terrible time finding perfume that I like and can wear all day...if it has even a hint of lily in it, you can forget it! But this stuff is pretty and is made to layer...so I can use one flavor of lotion with a different perfume on top, and not feel like I smell like the Macy's perfume department on a busy Saturday evening. My other stop was here for stationery. I recently got in touch with a good friend from undergrad who is living in Europe. The magic of Facebook (yay!) brought us together, but we both agreed that there was something a little impersonal about email and FB messages. And that a mailbox full of only bills and advertisements and junk was tragic.

So now? I have a pen pal! A good, old-fashioned, living-on-another-continent pen pal. It's a bit of a challenge to order my thoughts so that they make sense on paper (I can already hear you, internet - "But Rahree, your internet posts don't make any sense? Why should your letters?"), and my penmanship isn't what it was, for sure. But I adore getting an envelope full of stories and thoughts about another culture. I'm really enjoying this new correspondence via an old method. I had a lovely time sharing my afternoon on the porch with someone, without having to speak a word.

Speaking of the porch, it's calling to me...says I've been neglecting it, not spending enough time lounging on it, listening to the wind chimes, watching the sunlight through the leaves. It's lonely, poor thing. I'm heading back out before it starts to full-on sulk.

My five:
  1. directionless, agenda-less days. Sure, that laundry won't do itself, but I feel pretty sure it'll still be there tomorrow...
  2. finding Asterix et Obelisk stickers in my German hazelnut candy. (?!) My dad had a hardbound set of the comics in his classroom...oh, the nostalgia!
  3. beautiful weather on a free day...a oh-so-welcome coincidence.
  4. sleeping animals.
  5. inspiration.


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