6.4.09 a love note

There's so much happening...we're at mach 7 at work, and it's invigorating. When there's lots to do it's tempting to get into the "get-'er-done" groove: close the office door, pretend that the music is up too loud to hear anyone (even though iTunes is off because the music doesn't really allow me to concentrate), and immerse myself in the projects at hand. It's much easier to find the time and mental space to work on big projects in the spring, but that doesn't mean that the projects go away once we're in season.

Oh, no.

But this is the time that relationships are forged, cemented, tested. Some folks make progress, while others regress. For a short time we're all being asked to do more, better, faster, and in a better humor. Usually long hours+new folks+ pressure=grumpy people.

But if you were to measure my laughter over the last two weeks, you'd find the volume of it to be in the realm of a metric ton. Or, aurally speaking, an 11 on your 1-10 amp scale. My colleagues are a generous, talented, witty, silly bunch: amazingly smart, inventive, consistently positive, and willing to go the extra mile for a really, really good joke. This little operatic playpen we've created is pretty freakin' awesome.

So, to KPW, RT, EM, JB, SW, and our newest member AC: you guys are rock stars! And I'm lucky to have the opportunity to work with you day in and day out.

(The check from my mom is in the mail. She thanks you, too.)

My five:
  1. Fun, interesting work.
  2. Beautiful tunes, genre aside.
  3. Footrubs.
  4. Pesto.
  5. Baths.


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