6.8.09 Free Day!

In the summer we work a 6-day week. If you're in the business of making opera, this is not news to you; it's the way most companies structure their rehearsals. If you work at a foundation or other arts non-profit, however, this might indeed be news. So it's about 8am on a Monday morning, and I'm not running late, not hopping into the shower, not trying to get a quick walk in with the dog after oversleeping...nope.

I'm working on the dent in my couch. Oh, yeah. And while I know that I'll have to check in on email and other things during the day, the fact that I could spend all day in my pajamas if I wanted makes it totally acceptable. Wow...when's the last time I spent all day in my pajamas? It's been a loooong time...probably even longer if I don't count the times that I was too sick to get out of bed. Even though I don't have one of those "100 things to do before I die" lists, if I did I'd place "spend an entire day loafing around in my jammies" squarely in the top 20. I don't know if I'd get antsy or if I'd enjoy it, but I should probably give it the old college try at least once, right?

But I actually have a fairly large domestic to-do list today...the house is a mess, the iPhone is sick, the toes need some TLC, and the dog is patiently waiting for his morning constitutional. More importantly, I need to chase down picnic provisions for one of my FAVORITE shows, happening tomorrow evening. We'll have a crowd, rain or shine, and assorted pink adult beverages to taste, and lots of laughter - if you're planning to come, I hope you'll join us on the lawn!

My five:
  1. Manageable snippets of unstructured time.
  2. Beautiful spring weather.
  3. Unbridled enthusiasm.
  4. Honeysuckle. Smells like my childhood.
  5. A slightly slower pace.


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