6.9.09 for realz.

Finally, it's June 9th! Finally for two reasons: first, that it's Pink Martini night! And secondly, because I thought yesterday was June 9th, and was corrected no fewer than five times...it's nice to be back in sync with the world around me.

Although to be honest, the world around me is slightly out-of sync. A full moon followed by house-shaking pre-dawn thunderstorms has made things seem seriously off-kilter. The animals, (feline, canine, and human) spent the evening in restless sleep, prowling the house for water, intruders and (in kitty's case) attention from the sleeping humans.

Bad kitty.

I'm spending the morning with the Studio in dance class. Dancing. I'm excited to take class, if a little nervous. But it's good...as an admin type, it'd be easy to say "Go. Do." without doing it myself. "Go make these copies for me." "Go mail this really heavy package." "Go clean out the storeroom." "Go do this thing that I really really don't want to even think about doing." My colleagues are fabulous at both doing (and knowing how to do - just as important) everything that needs to be done, regardless of the status of the task. And while somethings fall to some folks because they're good at it (SW - I promise to never file without supervision again!), it's nice to know that any one of us could jump in and "Go. Do."

So I feel it's important for me to take the classes that I can, to show that the admin staff is willing to put ourselves out there, just as we're asking the singers and pianists to do. We - I - may not be terribly able, but I certainly am willing.

And then, this evening? Pink Martini. On the lawn. Most likely in pouring rain and 100% humidity. I can promise that I'll be out there for at least a little while, soggy backside and rain-diluted martini notwithstanding. Care to join me?

My five:
  1. Long post-storm walks with Boo.
  2. Deep talks with good friends.
  3. Bug repellent.
  4. Opportunities.
  5. Honest work.


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