We kicked off the summer season with a recital performance last night...SB is a genius, and somehow negotiates decades of obscure song rep like he's playing chopsticks. Is there anything that this man doesn't know about song? Unlikely, I think. Plus, even with the volume of his daily struggles he still is way closer to Flicka than Kathy on the diva scale. It was a great evening with outstanding performances from 4 of our singers, and it just makes me anticipate the next concert that much more.

And puppets. Did I mention there were puppets? I think they were a recital first!

However, after standing in my heels for much of the evening, my legs are sore. Note to self: flatter shoes for performance nights. My knees feel like there's sand inside 'em. No good, that!

So I'm taking a little time getting around this morning...am curled up on the couch, spending some time with hubby and the animals before heading back into work today. Today is all about spreadsheets, sadly...but with the windows open, and the music playing loudly (and a few minutes spent in the rehearsal room putting it into perspective), I should be able to hack through it.

My five:
  1. New hanging baskets...hubby picked some of the most beautiful plants I've seen for our porch. He's awesome.
  2. Hubby. See #1.
  3. Sparkly sunlight on leaves.
  4. Lemon Mint. One of my neighbors has a large patch, and I steal a leaf every time Boo and I walk past.
  5. A good start to the season.


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