7.1.09 buckle up!

It's a humid Wednesday morning in mid-summer. We closed our first show last night, an event that's always bittersweet...the singing was beautiful, the concept fun, and we were thrilled with the outcome. I'm sad to see it finish!

But we're moving onward, with rehearsals in earnest for our second show, pre-production for the final piece, and several recitals, scenes programs and children's performances over the next five weeks. Add to that three weekends of orchestral shows and, well, life is going to be very, very busy!

Five weeks. Five jam-packed, challenging, music-soaked weeks.

It hardly seems enough.

On the docket for today? Quick trip to the grocery-store pre-work: contracts, budget work and a meeting about symphony concerts in the morning, then a staff luncheon and a meeting with the folks who are providing our supertitle equipment for show #3: an overdue hair appointment (hallelujah!) in the late afternoon, and then pizza and perhaps a little dogsitting for a friend in the evening.

And it's after 9am. Time to get crack-a-lackin'!

My five:
  1. Beautiful singing. (I know...DUH.)
  2. Challenging words.
  3. Strawberry-rhubarb almond butter sandwiches.
  4. RC's laugh.
  5. Flat shoes.


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