7.1.09 part 2. Lunch FAIL

I knew better.

I ran to the store before work with the sole intention of stocking up my work stash with healthy snacks. Sugar snap peas, string cheese, grapes, frozen veggies...mostly savory snacks, as it seems there's always sugar around. Usually in chocolate form. Sitting in a big carafe on my desk, mocking me in the late afternoon when my energy drops. But I'm trying to be good, hence the shopping trip.

And it was to be a good day - the masseuse that visits the office made it in after several cancelled dates - and I was still on the schedule! Score! Add that to the hair appointment, the barbecue, the handful of meetings (so that we could still call what we do "work" instead of "play") and it was a smash-up plan.

So before my massage I grab a handful of peapods and 2 pieces of string cheese and eat while doing some (endless) email triage. And even though it truly wasn't a lot of food, I started feeling really full.

And ill.

Full and totally omg-am-i-going-to-hurl? ill.

Here's the disclaimer, where I show just how dumb and/or stubborn I really am: while I lovelovelove all things dairy, they often don't love me back. But string cheese has been a friend even when the fresh mozzarella, the milk, the ice cream all turned their backs on me and started calling me a beeyotch and telling the cool kids I was easy.

I should've known that string cheese really wanted to be one of those cool kids. I should've knoooooown....

But here I am, after trying to sit through a meeting and hair appointment (double insult - I look pretty cute after getting my hairs did!), in a ball on my couch. My coworkers are making sure my office lights are off, and generally taking care of all the things I didn't do because I was too stupid - and weak - to resist.

So now? Feeling sick and guilty and generally LAME. Will I ever learn?

(Note to my co-workers: please feel free to either mock me roundly for being dumb, or to take off a chunk of a day and tell me to cover your duties. Or both...sigh...)

My five:
  1. Lactaid.
  2. Understanding coworkers.
  3. Email.
  4. Aspiring. (to be good...even when it backfires.)
  5. This cover. LOVE it.


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