7.15.09 outdoor food

Today wasn't supposed to revolve around eating outside, and yet it did. I glommed onto a luncheon hosted by the CEO for our singers on one patio, and for a farewell reception for a colleague on another several hours later.

There were lemon bars at both events.

I am a recent fan of lemon bars, and am grateful that too many people were hovering around the dessert table for me to gracefully snarf every last crumb. Friends, while my tongue is totally pissed at you, my skinny jeans will be mailing your thank-you note momentarily.

(Looking for a new home, no doubt...)

Home from work around 11pm - not bad at all, considering I went into the office super late (and then, well, I ate my way across two office campuses) and the lion's share of the evening was made up of the designer run of the next opera, which was very cool. Hubby has been a true trooper - making dinner (he's an AWESOME grillmaster), looking after the animals, letting me sleep in (and keeping the animals occupied - a labor of love, to be sure!) the morning after a late night. It's only a matter of time before his new job takes over a large portion of his energy and hours, but I'm so grateful in the meantime to be cared for so well. He rocks!

So I'm currently sitting on the couch "unwinding." I've been home for about 30 minutes: long enough to change out of my work duds, pour a glass of wine, receive mad loving from cat and dog (the dog shows it by wagging his tail; the cat by walking around my feet, trying to trip/kill me. Am I allowed to be mad if it (the tripping/killing) comes from a loving place?), and skim Google reader for what's new in the blogoverse. Turnaround for tomorrow morning is civilized: a 10am (for me) start to the day. Oftentimes my colleagues and I have 8 hours or less at home before returning for a new day...anyone have hints/tips/suggestions for making that turnaround with energy and style?

Seriously. I'm all ears. Please.

And FYI, illegal drugs are not an option.

Legal ones?
Totally fair game.

My five:
  1. Beautiful weather. (I know, as soon as I publish this, that the weather gods will smite me with a hot, humid fist. But it's been truly lovely in our nation's capital!)
  2. Purring.
  3. Straight tone. Work it, opera singers!
  4. Mohawks and hot pink hair. (Wish I was brave enough for a bolder choice!)
  5. Silk. I'm a sucker for feel-good.


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