It's so amazingly late, and I'm still not asleep.


But not. I had a fairly awesome day, cloaked in a mantle of just-OK-ness. (Hubby's day was super difficult...it feels wrong to gloat.)

Woke up. Spent some quality time with the pets. Climbed a tree and did cartwheels. ( Just because I could. For realz.)Had a perfect (read:easy) workout with my slave-driver trainer. Felt better leaving the gym than I did when I arrived... and isn't that the goal, friends?

Lunch with AC, our fabulous intern - sparkling conversation AND sushi? Awesome. I hope that only good things happen to her - she's cool enough to merit a lifetime supply of fabulous.

An afternoon spent trying to pick up lost threads...seems that every potential through-line snapped, but in reality they were just too tangled to tell. And they all untangled...on their own time.

The evening was supposed to be hard...a rehearsal that's punishing by its very nature. And not to say that there weren't casualties (ankles are especially vulnerable in this show), but it was smoother than I would've anticipated. Kudos to a willing cast, a top-notch production team, and an artistic team whose work is both inspirational to the extreme yet rooted in common sense. Even if Baroque opera "isn't your thing," this is a project worth seeing.

IMHO, of course.

And I'm not really all that humble.

My five? Wow...tonight it's hard to narrow down...
  1. great music. This in particular is my new chill-out tune.
  2. hubby at home, instead of travelling.
  3. playtime. refusing to lose sight of fun.
  4. great colleagues.
  5. stories.


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