Today I...

  • Watched a fairy and a dog celebrate a birthday with SpongeBob and a good witch, until a vampire monkey stole all of their crabby patties.
  • Listened to beautiful boheme excerpts. Through a glass door. And thought that the door was open. (Boy, those guys are LOUD!)
  • Completed one more step in getting our 2010 (2010?!? How can that beeeeeee???) applications up and online.
  • Blessed several men (and their families and progeny) in New Jersey for getting me out of an unexpected multi-thousand-dollar jam.
  • Listened to a new rendition of a fabulous Smokey Robinson tune.
  • Put out several tiny fires. (Admittedly, probably created an equal number.)
  • Ate so many miniature candy bars that they created a mammoth candy bar in my belly. Whoops.
  • Craved the smell of summer. Am thinking about getting a bottle to smell, since I've not seen the sun outside of my sun roof.
  • Blew off the spreadsheet project that's due by COB tomorrow. Double whoops.

My five:
  1. Colleagues who are thoughtful and kind, even when we're all wearing thin.
  2. Being surrounded by super-generous music makers.
  3. License to be silly.
  4. Whack-a-mole days.
  5. Making plans.


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