Happy Independence Day!

I recently got in touch with a childhood friend, a military serviceman who is serving abroad. We went to Catholic elementary school together, and I remember in third grade he gave me a marshmallow heart on Valentine's Day. Truth be told, I was more interested in the candy than in him, (I was 8, after all) but have always thought of him as a sweet, creative guy, a dreamer. Finding out that he was in the military, that he trained men, that he attended my hubby's alma mater, that he converted to Christianity and wrote a book about his experience...well, it outlined for me how much we change, how much potential we have.

That potential, that possibility for change, for betterment, is one of the things I'm celebrating today. The other is the people who make this amazing indolent lifestyle that I've grown to love possible...who keep us safe, who have more courage than I ever will.

So, while I spent an alarming part of today sitting on my keister (recovering from a duet kettlebell class at the gym) and cleaning the house, my thoughts have been on other people, on how I can grow, how I need to change. It's been a good day of walking around my mental neighborhood, on a needed day away from the office.

Thinking I might take one more stroll around the proverbial block...

My five:
  1. Freedom.
  2. Challenge.
  3. Transformation.
  4. Raspberry sorbet.
  5. Comfy shoes.


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