7.7.09 schizo

I feel a little like I'm either multi-tasking to the extreme or totally shut down. And while I wish I could say that I'm multi-tasking during work and shut-down when I'm home, it's not really the case...sometimes I'm sitting at my desk, waiting for someone to call or come in with a questions because there are so many things to do that I can't figure out what to do next. Frozen. And other times I'm trying to squeeze off a quick email to a designer in Russia (! True!) before the musical intro to a one-act rehearsal starts...and only am partially successful in hitting send before the music starts. Forced to sit still, my mind goes a million miles an hour.


It's the time of year when things fall off...dermatologist appointment? Too early, cancel and reschedule. Cookout with friends? Too tired, need more unstructured time. Gym? Only when I'm paying someone a bajillion dollars to put me through my paces. Relationships get thin, tempers get fired up, patience is at a premium. Chocolate becomes a medicinal necessity. My grand plans for really nurturing people and relationships fall totally away, and I struggle to remember my hubby's schedule, to walk the dog twice a day, to keep cat food in the house.

And yet some of the coolest art is being made, some fabulous music and performances will be showcased this week. The level of the art is somehow inversely proportionate to my attention span/energy level.

Thank. God.

I don't really mean to whine (as CameraMan says, "Call the Waaaaaaahmbulance!) - life is busy, that's all. But it's totally, 100% exciting, and good.

In ridiculous personal news, the cat has been a total maniac for the last few weeks... a combination of warm weather, deer and stray cats and the local fox traipsing through the yard, and the fact that the dog gets to go outside ALL THE TIME. So I have swallowed my pride and bought a kitty harness and leash. Boo and Lucky and I head outside at about 6:30am (early wake-up time = fewer witnesses to my folly) to hang in the yard. Boo and I play catch, Lucky eats as much grass as he can, and we all dodge the killer mosquitos and gnats for playtime in the greenery. Because kitty was a stray, and because our neighborhood is not totally traffic-free, I'm too chicken to let him roam freely...it's a ridiculous compromise, but one that I can live with.

Hubby, however, will not touch the kitty leash. Gotta draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

Ok, time to get moving...on today's docket? Paperwork. Budget. Meetings. And hopefully spending a little time in the rehearsal room...gotta remember what this opera sounds like!

My five:
  1. This. The word "Scenes" is a misnomer, as it's an evening of One-Act operas. And if the dress rehearsal is any indication, it's going to be an unforgettable evening.
  2. This. Cannot wait. I memorized Mermaid Avenue, and most every album since.
  3. Waaaaaaahmbulance. My new favorite word.
  4. Silver toenail polish. I used to tell my students that my toenails were silver because I was a robot. Just waiting to use the line again...
  5. Midsummer.


Nick said…
Can you swallow your pride a little more and take a picture of the cat in the harness and leash? Or better yet, get someone to take a picture of you, cat, and dog, walking outside together? I would LOVE that!
rahree said…
ahahahaaa - that *would* be a picture, eh? If such a picture is ever snapped, I promise to post it. (In all its kitty ridiculousness.)

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