8.12.09 my other job

It's been hot. Hotter'n blazes. Hot as the hinges of Hell.

For the first time all summer.

(Color me happy!)

Not that I really would've known - I've spent the last two days holed up in a small room with four of the nicest, smartest guys anyone could know, listening to music from last year's chamber music season and chatting about it. The end result is a nationally syndicated radio show - chances are that you can catch it on public radio in your area. (Details forthcoming!)

Need help changing gears from opera? I totally did. But two days with Schoenberg, Beethoven, Carter, Gershwin, and Bach have totally cleaned my ears out in a perfect, perfect way.

The other thing I like about hanging out at the radio station? Seeing how other people keep their desks. It's the same reason I like to house-hunt, even when I'm perfectly happy with my house. After looking around a little bit, I'm of the opinion that I'd fit in quite well here.

In the middle of the radio madness, I had a great visit from an old friend...has known me since I was 18, and likes me anyway. It was great to spend time with him, to know that no matter how much things change, some good things stay the same.

My five:
  1. A change of scenery.
  2. Returning to routine.
  3. Fun colleagues.
  4. Long walks with the dog...I've missed being able to take my time on these morning constitutionals.
  5. Fall catalogs. (Am I the only one lusting after boots and sweaters as the temperature hangs in the 90s?)


Kim said…
Could you see us getting away with a mattress at the CFE? :o)

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