8.2.09 everyone's doing it...

Shameless plug for work follows. Not interested?

You should be.Really, you should. I think you'll like it. Even if opera's not your thing.

Opera, when it's done well, is a synthesis of all art forms, right? The music should be stirring and heartbreakingly beautiful, performed with passion and abandon. The production (I'm referring to scenic and costume elements specifically) should be visually stunning, thought provoking, interesting. And the characters, the relationships, the storytelling must also be visceral, intimate...real.


If so - and I say this even if you're a movie lover or a live concert lover or a theater lover or a music lover or just not-an-opera-lover-because-opera-is-full-of-fat-people-and-wobbly-voices-and-hoop-skirts - I have just the evening for you. Here's the information. It's only one night, and it's almost here, so you should RUN to get your tickets.

And to prove that it's not your usual park-and-bark songfest, here's a little video for you created by Alex Morton. The images you'll see are from pieces of original artwork, created by S. Katy Tucker to provide context for our little story...they'll be projected on a sweet custom-built screen above the singers...so it's a less like an opera, and more like a rock concert with an opera company and a world class orchestra providing the action and music. The characters appear in the last minute or so, drawn by our costume designer Jessica Jahn.

Push your boundaries this week and try something new. You might even like it.


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