It's after noon, and I'm still on the couch.


I'm still limping along...one more show to advance and babysit, even though my brain is not together enough to do much more than the bare minimum. But it's a very cool show with lots of moving pieces and a cast of characters that I enjoy hugely. I'm excited to hear the rehearsals, to watch the pieces come together over the next few days...and I'm hoping against hope that the weather is impossibly beautiful.

It could totally happen.

In the meantime I'm trying to sift through the odds and ends from the summer...organizing and purging books and cds and clothes, visiting the Container Store and Target for bins and boxes, backing up the intermittently reliable Mac (*gasp!* I know...it's breaking my heart, too...), trying to figure out what to do with a large bottle of white zinfandel and several cans of almonds. Making lists of things I need...light bulbs...goat cheese...fizzy bath bombs...cat food...tinfoil...important stuff, right?

And reading. My nose is buried in books like they're about to disappear from the earth. I've read this one, this one, and am in the middle of this one currently. This one is next on the pile. Add to the reading list every magazine I can get my filthy hands on...some days the promise of a new magazine is the only thing getting my sorry butt to the gym. (today is definitely one of those days.)

And paying attention. Noticing the twelve pairs of shoes tossed over the phone line two streets over. Sitting on the porch as a summer storm blows through. Feeling the heat cover me like a blanket. Rubbing a piece of lemon balm between my fingers.

It's nice to slow down, even just for a little bit.

Some things I think are cool:

My five:
  1. Icy drinks.
  2. Dexter.
  3. Thunderstorms.
  4. New tunes.
  5. Contentment.


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