The season is finally winding down. My last show (although not the last show of the summer, by far) goes up on Friday and down on Saturday...and today was all about comfortably slipping back into whack-a-mole mode.

I regress well. :)

Today Renaissance Man, Kate and SMC (aka Howie Shore Jr., or Howie for short.) set up the Barns for a multitude of instrumentalists and singers as we prep for this last show - info here.

I had forgotten the sheer number of fun, non-conventional-opera-y instruments involved in this score...taiko drums, piatti, cimbalom, prepared piano (Expose the piano guts. Hit the piano guts with a metal pipe and/or heavy metal chains. Shudder with guilt and glee. Repeat.) and a bass marimba...shown here with RM and Howie providing scale. It's totally Bad. Ass.

(Doesn't RM look weirdly decapitated? Like we lobbed his head up there to just sit and watch? I promise, no renaissance men were harmed in the writing of this blog.)

So, even though there will undoubtedly be monstrous hurdles this week, I'm terribly excited for the music to begin again.

In other news, I'm diving into this book in a desperate attempt to get accustomed to footnoted narrator asides in fiction. And I have help - a friend is going to read with me to make sure I don't put it down and walk away! (Ok so this is the only book that I've walked away from in recent memory, and there's no talking me back into it, no matter how clever or brilliant it is. I hate that guy - the "protagonist??" - no matter how well-written he is.) Now if I could just get someone to read to me, preferably right before bed. (Please make sure that the story isn't too scary, and that it has a happy ending. Thanks.)

(And could you bring me a glass of water? I'm thirsty.)

My five:

  1. Crisp mornings...while walking the dog this morning I found myself wishing for a jacket.
  2. Making plans.
  3. Baths. I'm a late-life convert.
  4. Tangerine popsicles.
  5. Feeling cared for.


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