8.7.09 nearing the finish line

Tomorrow is the only performance of the last opera of the 2009 season.

On Saturday morning, artists will be leaving en masse from suburban Virginia and scattering to the winds. I'll see many of them again (it's a small world, opera), but it could be months or years until we cross paths.

And I'll miss them.

Workdays will resume a less punishing (i.e. 8 hour) schedule. I'll have two-days-off-in-a row! Whee! But in exchange, the building will be unbearably quiet.

I will finally be forced to confront the 2-ton dust bunnies and the massive laundry monster that have overtaken my home...although if they band together it could be the end of me. (Wish me luck!)

Feeling nostalgic, even though I don't really have the luxury to do so for another 48 hours.

My five:
  1. Walking the dog...my one bit of routine in a free-form summer.
  2. Handfuls of pistachios from the stagehands.
  3. Achingly beautiful music.
  4. Surprises. (Notice the lack of a qualifier? I'm making progress!)
  5. Kindness.


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