9.16.09 Slackmaster Flash

Boy, it's hard work making sure that this chair on my porch doesn't float away...good thing I'm here to keep it weighted down.

Ok, so maybe not. You caught me. Today I am officially slacking.

Not slacking, really...slowing down. Listening to my body, which is loudly saying "Nap! Eat your weight in bread! You neeeeeeeed it! You deserrrrrrve it!"

My body lies.

I'm trying to find a slightly less harried pace. I have several small errands to run, many tied to my super-awesome closet overhaul yesterday. (Thank you, Container Store. Who knew that bins could be so liberating?) Mostly I'll be sitting in the shade, nursing glasses of ice water (mit straw, natuerlisch), reading and surfing the web and making an infinite number of lists...grocery, to-do, wish...all fair game.

My five:
  1. Days that are warm enough to make "Slow" the only available speed on my internal speedometer.
  2. This book.
  3. Breezes through leaves.
  4. Windchimes.
  5. Raspberry sorbet.


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