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That picture pretty much sums up how I felt two days ago. September got here juuuuuust in time! Wow, how happy am I that it's here?

Pretty. Darn. Happy.

While there's still a week of shows at work, I'm finally feeling like the summer's over... it's a lovely feeling. I've spent some time with friends, catching up after the summer's madness; done some laundry; bought some back-to-school clothes. The windows are open, and there's a lovely breeze in the house (Pushing around large black pet-hair tumbleweeds, I'm sure.). There's stew in the crockpot. My to-do list is large but infinitely procrastinatable. (I know, it's not a word. Yet.) I've been on a long walk with Boo, and if I can get the jack out of my neck we'll do another long loop this evening. It's time to really take in the neighborhood, the weather, the light - after being on autopilot for so long, there's so much to appreciate!

And in the gather-ye-rosebuds, carpe-diem vein, heard this sad news today...he conducted a show this summer, and was just such a lovely, sweet man. The heavenly band just welcomed a dapper new angel.

My five:
  1. Time for reflection.
  2. Unbearably beautiful days.
  3. My two silly four-legged comics.
  4. Clean laundry.
  5. Contentment.


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