9.15.09 symmetry

My Nana passed away today. On her birthday.

It had been expected. It was, in many ways a relief. I'm sure it was for her.

(It's pretty lovely symmetry, though, right?)

She was the reason I wore high-heeled red shoes to my wedding. She taught me how to make caramel pudding in a can. We both loved to read. She was my namesake.

But she moved twice without telling my mother. (TWICE.) She never failed to mention when I gained weight. I was often appalled at her condescending, close-minded views on cultures and people.

Families are complicated. Whew. But I think I'll lay all those stories, and the less-flattering ones, to rest with her. I'll remember stories of potholes ("tacos" misheard...still a popular menu item at the Rahree household) and dishes of butter mints. Being allowed to put one of her huge sparkly diamonds on my tiny hand. Of her chatting up my dad during Steeler games, much to dad's chagrin. Of her sunning herself to a deep bronze in the summers, cigarette and Schmidt's in hand. Teaching me how to shuffle cards like a Vegas dealer.

Here's hoping she meets all of her friends in heaven. And that someone's got her cigarette and Schlitz in hand, waiting for her.

My five:
  1. Suffering eased.
  2. Reaching out of the comfort zone.
  3. Chocolate granola. (Should be illegal.)
  4. Great music.
  5. Memories.

G'night, Nan.


vkwheels said…
I'm so sorry. She sounded like a wonderful woman.

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