9.20.09 parentheses

It's a gorgeous autumn day in Vienna! (The other one, obvs. "Bratwurst," "Ach," and "Spater!" are the only Germanic words used with regularity at RahreeHaus.) The windows are open, and I'm alternating between the indoor couch and outdoor couch, (Boo prefers the outdoor couch, but sometimes I like to make him suffer with me indoors. His life is really terribly difficult, poor guy.) reading the Sunday paper, making a hefty mellow iTunes mix, and trying to redd up the house after a peachy, girly soiree on Friday and fabulous weekend houseguests. (K and D? Miss you guys terribly...turn the car around!)

Girls' night on Friday was just lovely...some fun new connections created, WAY too much food prepared and brought and consumed and left over. (I actually had a leftover slider for breakfast. And a brownie. Don't judge.) I'm really blessed to have a network of fun, smart, kind ladies in my life.

Saturday was all about catching up with my Pittsburgh girls...shopping, walking, lunch on the patio at Cafe Deluxe, a trip downtown to the top of the W Hotel for a drink (and sharpshooter-spotting! On the White House roof! Even though technically I live here I'm still such a tourista.) and dinner at the back bar at Old Ebbitt, where a drunkdrunk southern boy and his friend made a beeline for D and would've hit on her all night had she not dismissed them. I still think that, since he left his credit card when he left, that he meant for her to have it...she could've done him some serious damage!

(Saturday also marked the 10-year anniversary of a certain boy driving me home from a dance club in Pittsburgh. He's on the left coast for a few days, but we still shared a giggle about that particular memory.)

But my girls got up early this morning and are en route back to their families in Pittsburgh, so the house is sadly quiet. The laundry, while an all-day kind of project, is in progress. I have some tidying up to do, and then packing for a quick trip to visit Mom & Mo in western PA and Ohio.

(Oh, and hitting the gym and sweating out some of the pinot might be a good idea, too. Getting old is such a bitch!)

Incidentally, Boo is exhausted. There have been so many women calling his name over the past two days, so much fetch, so many snacks snatched from unsuspecting guests that he's plumb worn out.

Me too, buddy.


My five:

  1. Beautiful weather.
  2. Comfortable friendships.
  3. Room for reflection.
  4. New experiences.
  5. Sore feet.


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