Girls weekend + trip to Mom's + visiting Brother's new house + hanging with the in-laws = not ready for work re-entry.

(Quel surprise, eh?)

It was a good week, though: the leaves are changing in the Laurel Highlands, the dog is quite the intrepid traveller, and a well-timed firewood delivery at Mamma's served as my away-from-home workout. (I'm still sporting large green-brown bruises on both my biceps from hoisting all that wet cherry wood from the garage to the woodpile. Pretty!) I left my Wisconsin cheese cow at my brother's (Bummer.) , sang my way through 4 new mix cds, ate way too much, and generally had a lovely time.

I'm either getting old and set-in-my-ways, or I need to travel more, though. I find it so difficult to really relax when I'm not home. I don't sleep well. I find myself engaging in self-soothing behaviors, most noticeably consuming too much. Better figure something out before the November audition tour, eh? Any and all suggestions welcome.

So, today is a non-travel day. I'm planning to spend this cool autumn day watching tv, making soup, and hopefully not setting foot into the car.

My five:
  1. Returning to routine.
  2. Crisp fall air.
  3. Tea season. Yum!
  4. Skipjack peanuts - addictive lil' buggers.
  5. Family.


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