New stuff is cool.

One of the great parts about my job is that, after a few cycles, I can anticipate some of the ups and downs, and I feel like most days I know what I'm doing.

Most days, anyway.

But I'm terribly psyched for some new duties that involve chamber music...and, subsequently, a whole lotta research/catch up for yours truly. It's a nice change of pace from the summer's vocal agenda, and I'm excited to be trusted with a little more responsibility.

But BOY, do I need to start listening to what's out there... like, yesterday. Lots and lots of work to do! Good, fun, soul-bathing work.

Cool jobs rock, y'all.

Other cool things:
  • this.
  • these. beautimous.
  • this. slightly ridiculous. ok, maybe a little more than slightly.
  • this. element of surprise, indeed.
  • this. it's my self-portrait.
  • this. got a sample in the mail and smelled like heaven.
  • this. like him or don't, he was part of an impressive legacy.
  • this. and this. re-bought several remastered albums, and am just waiting for them to arrive.
My five:
  1. September weather...there's nothing more beautiful.
  2. Unwinding with a cup of tea.
  3. Homemade gazpacho from a fabulous colleague.
  4. The urge to create...and, more specifically, bake. With cinnamon.
  5. Spending my evenings with my men, of both the human and furry persuasions.


vkwheels said…
whoa - I got bumped off the blog list. I fail! If I promise to blog more, will you add me back?
rahree said…
it's a rotation thing - the list comes up based on the last time you blogged (like an RSS feed) - you should totally be on - i wouldn't get rid of you!

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