Happy Labor Day weekend! Just because you've been so good to read this drivel day in and day out, I'm giving you the day off work tomorrow. You can stay home and relax...call in "sick", or call in "lazy", or hell, call in "unavailable."

Or simply call in "allergic to Monday."

(If you really do have to work, I'll totally write you an excuse. Because you deserve an extra day to veg, too.)

We're having a lovely weekend Chez Rahree...the weather is breathtakingly gorgeous...made to order, actually. I spent yesterday hating on the gym (but still went...bonus points!), puttering in the yard, walking to see a new store that friends have just opened, and making a VAT of panzanella for dinner on the porch with buddies. I bought my weight in beautiful brandywine 'maters yesterday, and they taste like sunshine.(...especially on buttered ciabatta rolls with salt and pepper. So. Good.) Plus, I got a whole lot of little things done...porch washed, college books purged, office files organized, house vacuumed (not that you'd be able to tell at all today, though. But I promise I did it!), so it was a productive day by all accounts.

Today I was still hating on the gym, but had made an appointment with my trainer in the late morning...so there was no effective way of getting out of it. I rolled over and spent a while on the elliptical trying to get a good mood on...and it worked! And I had a great workout with LG! And I'm still a little surprised that bitchy Rahree turned the corner with just a little cardio! If it's that easy why don't I do it every day?

(Let's not lose our heads, now.)

The only negative in this lovely land of Pollyanna-esque thinking is the whole sleep thing. Between a decidedly kamikaze cat who is kicking my ass every morning at 4am (Playtime? Hungry! What's in here? Are you sleeping? Playtime!), and these crazy anxiety nightmares, I'm one sleepy girl. The nightmares, while undeniably disturbing, are the real sign that the summer is over...my brain is finally realizing that there's nothing work-related to freak-out over. So why not substitute looming deadlines with masked prowlers and crazy people with knives and grudges?

*sigh.* Rahree's brain = not the sharpest knife in the chandelier.

I''m spending the afternoon on - you guessed it! - the porch, with my new best friend, David Foster Wallace. I will, however, be making frequent trips into the house to find the sleeping cat AND WAKE HIM UP.

Two can play at this game, kitty-witty.

My five:
  1. Letting the breeze be my blow-dryer.
  2. Guilt-free loafing.
  3. Ripe tomatoes. I didn't even eat them until I was in my very late 20s. Mom, you were right; 'mater sandwiches are GOOD. (That 'poof' sound was her head exploding.)
  4. Encouragement.
  5. An extra day to hang with my boys.


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