10.02.09 all about work

It's Friday, beeyatches. (Or, as the latest office joke goes, Two Bridge Beeyatches...I'll tell you if you really want to know.) I love Fridays because jeans are permitted, everyone's usually in a better mood than usual, and hey! No work (usually) tomorrow! What's not to love?!?

Today was "Make fun of opera DVD day," or, as we like to call it, Research Day. Sound way more official and adult, right? Anyway, as a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this was a terribly fun day for lame ol' Rahree. My observations:
  1. Random men in large plastic heads do very little to move the action. (Why, God?WHY????????)
  2. Directors, if your soprano or mezzo (or tenor or baritone...not trying to be sexist, but it seems the ladies get more abuse in this arena) has coloratura for days, do the poor girl a favor and put the onus for moving on anyone else on stage. Really, girlfriend is busy enough trying to get all those tiny black notes that Donizetti/Bellini/Rossini wrote past the footlights. Help her out.
  3. Blood/ketchup from a squeeze bottle is almost never a good idea. Seriously.
  4. Skullcaps, bathtub scenes, and costumes lighted from within? Also not fabulous ideas. Compelling like a car-crash? Sometimes. But not fabulous.
  5. Piss-poor mic'ing? Tragic.
  6. Introductions and interludes are the dead zones where most singers falter...figure out how to use them effectively, and not just endure them.
  7. I am a sucker for a good sword fight. It's as simple as that.
  8. Almost every video we saw today had singers entering from the house and interacting with the audience in some way.
  9. Almost every video we saw today also had a passarelle around the orchestra pit. Why is there never a little safety lip on those bad boys? They make me a little nervous...especially when the ladies' heels are high.
  10. Old videos, while they might not have the videographing finesse of the latter offerings, were often made because the productions/singers were really, amazingly, stellar.

In Eat.Sweat.Blog news, I ran today. It was totally heinous. Ug. Ly. But it's done...2 workouts down, 18 more to go. (Shout outs for my buddies KPW, CZ, OperaQueenie, and Airstream Diva for joining me - weeee caaaaan DOOOO EEEEEEEEET!) And in interesting and totally unrelated news, I may dust off my fingers to play a little piano. In public. (Those poor folks don't know what they're in for...they don't call me "Mittens" for nothing!) Wish me luck!

And in other news, this week was Retail Amnesty week. I spent no money...no groceries, no pet food, no clothes...not even a cup of coffee or gas for the car. Granted, I need to pay bills before the collectors call, but it felt good to cook what I had on hand, to use what was available...it makes me wonder how creative I could get...and how short I'm selling myself on a regular basis...

My five:
  1. Open windows.
  2. Toasted pignoli. You could put them on pasta or something, but you can also just shove them by the handful into your mouth. Not that I'd know firsthand...
  3. Sore muscles. Evidence that I'm working. Painful evidence, but evidence.
  4. Having the clicker all to myself for an evening.
  5. Baths.


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