To the guy who offers me the last bite of his ice cream cone...

...the guy who eats second and third helpings of my cooking when I'm in a foul mood, just to cheer me up.

...the guy who thinks I look best when I've just woken up in the morning.

...the guy who, when I mentioned wanting a pink cap, picked me up a cap, a cozy fleece hat and a snuggly pink pullover. Because I mentioned it once.

...the guy who walks the dog on freezy rainy mornings so I can stay in bed 15 more minutes.

...the guy who can make me laugh regardless of the circumstances.

...the guy whose shirts have absorbed more than their fair share of tears from hurts both real and imagined.

...the guy who always notices my new haircuts/colors.

...the guy who I adore.

It's been six great years, babe. Here's to sixty-six more!

My five?
  1. hubby
  2. hubby
  3. hubby
  4. hubby
  5. hubby


Anonymous said…
Beautifully written... Happy Anniversary!

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