10.19.09 miscellany

Our friend and colleague JW sent an email around a few years ago in which he used several different synonyms for "miscellany." Methinks I need to snag a few of his nifty words...I'm running out of my own.

  • Made it literally 'til 8pm tonight without making the connection between my headache and foggy brain and the lack of caffeine in my day. Evidently a half-cup is not sufficient! If I wasn't staring down the barrel of a month on the road, I'd try to wean myself off the bean...but I think I'll just adjust my dosage towards more productivity and cheerfulness.
  • For those of you (our Admin Interns included) who schedule classes and people for a living? GOD BLESS YOU. Why is it so hard? (I already know the answer - because everyone wants to sing at 2:00 pm.)
  • If you applied for an audition in Cincinnati? Sorry. In advance. There are a million people who want to sing for us - which is totes flattering, by the way. One of these years we'll manage more than one day in your fair city. But those that we could take? You're sadly going to have to sing at the @ss-crack of dawn, as the airlines keep bumping our evening flight earlier and earlier.
  • Packing for this trip is already taking up WAY more of my mental space than it should.
  • The sun came out today! I had almost forgotten what that big yellow ball in the sky was. SO glad to see it.
  • Also weather related? The trees are all tarted up in their celebratory reds and golds. Pretty amazing.
  • And one more weather related item? It's tights weather. Thank goodness!
  • Do you have any idea how many motions rely on the use of your hip flexors? Me either, until I totally abused mine in a class yesterday...I couldn't even roll my desk chair around. Ow!
  • The boss lady is taking some time out of the office this week, which means that my speakers will be cranked a little louder than usual. Speak loudly if you visit or call!
My five:
  1. Tim Roth. Lie to Me is fabulous, and I caught (a younger) him over the weekend in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Awesome. (I could go on.)
  2. Knee socks.
  3. Freshwater pearls.
  4. Hot tea.
  5. Preparation.


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