10.20.09 inappropriate air conditioning

I made it through the whole day - 8 hours of work, a trip to the gym, and several rounds of fetch with the dog - before realizing that there was a hole in my dress.

Over my bum.

So, for those of you hoping for audition fashion advice? You should probably bypass my comments this year. Because evidently hanging your heinie out of your dress at work is a good idea...

Dressing FAIL. *Sigh.*

In other news, life is all about gearing up for the tour...scheduling and notifying, accompanying moments of total "how am I going to pack everything???" panic. And interspersed with that are last-minute PR requests, and a very last-minute grant proposal. And oh, that chamber music series? That I'm supposed to book? Yeah...have spent NO TIME on it in the last 2 weeks.

(Good thing that no chamber musicians read this - I'd probably be innundated with calls if they did. Wait...maybe that's not such a good thing...)

But I'm starting to get excited...to see old friends, to hear some great singing, to do some serious airport people-watching, and to scope out the shoes in the audition room. Bring your A-Game, ladies...I'm a-watching. And this is the trip, my friends, on which Rahree loses her Wagner virginity.

Bring. It. On.

I think.


My five:
  1. Caffeine. I can't tell you how much better today was with one extra cup of coffee!
  2. Crisp autumn weather.
  3. Boots.
  4. Challenge.
  5. Counting down.


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