10.25.09 Lazy Sunday

Steeler football, beautiful sunlight streaming through the trees, just enough bite in the air to make sure I'm awake, and a puppy curled up beside me...it's a perfect October afternoon.

I ventured to the mall this afternoon, because I of course need things for the audition tour, but it's so much easier to shop for things rather than take a discerning look at one's own closet and see if there's already sufficient supplies. Turns out that either the day was too nice to be spent in the mall, or there were too many people milling about, or heck! I already had all of that stuff that I thought I needed!

Rahree 1, Mega-Mall zero. I win.

I must remark upon the 50-something woman I saw walking out of Macy's with a baby stroller...a baby stroller with a little, bug-eyed chihuahua strapped inside. Now, you all know I'm an animal lover, mere years away from being the crazy old cat lady in your neighborhood. But that? The dog in the stroller? RIDICULOUS. And more than a little bit sad. KH's comment was totally en pointe, though: "I've seen the little dog in the stroller thing before. It's completely disturbing. Then I think of a lab in a stroller & chuckle."

(Do NOT tell my dog about the stroller. He'll totally want one for Christmas.)

Here are some things I think you should know about:
  • These. On my docket for the afternoon. Mmmm...
  • These. Hoping I can convince my travel mates to help me collect the set.
  • This. Could be a perfect travel dress?
  • My favorite Avocado sent this link, and it's fab!
  • I forgot to enter this, so I didn't win. But I still think these are cute. As a matter of fact, I am of a certain age...thanks for the reminder.
  • I'm a little obsessed with squash. But it's not a problem, I promise. (Yet.)
And my five:
  1. Clear blue skies and the smell of woodsmoke on an autumn day.
  2. Almost completing the Eat. Sweat. Blog challenge! 6 more days!
  3. Color.
  4. Spice.
  5. Preparation.


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