Happy Monday! (or not...but really, sometimes just by thinking it's going to be a good day, you can actually trick yourself into having a good day. At least that's what I've been told. And I'm taking this little axiom for a test-drive today.)

And it actually has to be a happy Monday, because it's my little brother's birthday today! (That's him on the left - he's much more attractive in real life. And he can build a dam in 5.7 minutes! Who's Bucky Beaver now?!?!) He's an awesome dad, one of the funniest closet comedians in the world, and a damn fine brother. Lub you, Mo!
And for a little comic relief, the picture at left. My colleague SW generously gave me several beautiful plants for my house...including the asparagus fern that Lucky has taken a shine to. His newest thing is to sit directly in the fern in order to more effectively survey his kingdom. He can see what's going on outside, who's cooking in the kitchen, what's on the tube...if hubby figures this out, kitty may have to fight for his throne!

It's not even 7am yet...if I get a-movin', I may be able to walk the dog and get a little jog in before it's light enough for the commuters to make fun of my oom-pa-pa running style. Here's to having a good Monday, y'all!

My five:
  1. Family.
  2. Having one person in the world who can make me shoot beverages out my nose....er, keep me humble.
  3. Coffee. Being awake pre-dawn demands it.
  4. A sleeping house.
  5. Doing something nice for someone else. (Studies show it makes you feel better - even than retail therapy. I believe it!)


Unknown said…
it is now down to 4.5 mins because of the training facility in the back yard. lud ya

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