10.27.09 hallelujah!

I don't know her at all, but Maggie Mason may have saved my life. If I can keep myself from A.) paying the overweight luggage fees and B.) throwing my back out, I'll be loving life come November.

On another note, do you know how good butter is? Seriously??? No other redeeming qualities, just sheer tastiness. Either Satan holds the rights, or they're serving it on everything in Heaven. I can't decide. Sharp cheddar cheese might be in the same category.

Haircut tomorrow, followed by the HUMONGOUS town Halloween parade. Which hubby will, again, be out-of-town for. He's two for two...let's hope he gets it together for 2010. Anyone wanna go with me? I may go in my cat burglar costume, or perhaps as a highlighter marker...

(..or a new-wave pop star, depending on whether my hair stylist goes super-short and asymmetrical again. *sigh.*)

My five:
  1. Sharp cheddar cheese & red wine. Heaven.
  2. Puzzles. (Damn good thing, actually.)
  3. Polaroid cameras.
  4. Seinfeld. Still finding reruns I've not seen.
  5. Rainy fall days.


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