10.28.09 spoooooky! (not really)

Is there a better way to spend an October night than at the neighborhood Halloween parade?

I submit that it does not.

Lots of littles in costumes, several (okay, two) troupes of unicyclists, high school and middle school marching bands, dance troupes, floats from local businesses and, because of our proximity to Election Day, politicians by the boatload. There were motorcycles and corvettes and mustangs, and several drivers responded to our shouts of "Light 'em up!" And the crowning act? Six Shriners, wearing their bejeweled burgundy fezzes, driving stunts and weaving in the teeny-tiniest cars ever.

I want one of those cars. And the matching fez.

I walked the three blocks from my house, met up with my neighbors, and grabbed a VI chili dog and laughed and talked and whooooped. Met the music teacher at the local elementary school and several neighbors who I only knew by sight and the occasional wave. Even saw a neighbor walking in the parade in a Captain American costume!

And was home safe and sound by 8:45pm, feeling lucky to live in this community, to have these neighbors. Life is good!

My five:
  1. Cool fall evenings.
  2. Candy corn.
  3. Early bedtimes.
  4. Comfortable shoes.
  5. Gratitude.


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