Sitting on the couch after a long day, watching a little tube to unwind; dog at my side, and a Belhaven within easy reach. Aaahhh. Nothing helps me relax more than watching a group of chefs scramble to create something tasty out of sea cucumbers or grasshoppers or stinky tofu in 2.5 minutes. Add snarky judges and lots of machismo from the competitors and you have quality entertainment. Oh, Next Iron Chef, how I adore you!

Today was spent in a very small room with 4 of the best guys you'll meet, listening to classical music (several of the most memorable numbers were from Lara St. John's concert last spring, and girl TORE IT UP. One of the most ambitious concerts I can remember...a true rock star.) and making punny jokes and wisecracks a la your average middle school boy.

I de-evolve well.

Boy, we laugh a lot! But Rich and Bill still managed to get quite a bit of work done...we're in great shape for tomorrow's session, that's for sure. We got into a discussion about the new shape of pop music and some of the folks that I find really interesting, and listened to a bit of this tune... I think she might have gained some new fans!

Thursday is back to screening-land, but I'll take one more day in Chambermusicville.

My five:
  1. Reconnecting.
  2. Nostalgia.
  3. Thai food. Sooooo tasty!
  4. Purple corduroys.
  5. Absence making the heart grow fonder.


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