11.1.09 Halloween, pizza, and hair. In that order.

Rainy, gloomy morning...a perfect way to ease into the day after a night of revelry!

Our trick-or-treaters braved the rain for handfuls of pixy stix and candy bars. (And yes, I did conduct some quality-control tests...can't give out nasty candy, or we'd get a reputation!) Buzz Lightyear made an appearance, as did a tiny gangster, several princesses and the Chick-Fil-A cow.

Our buddies J & S crossed the river to join us for dinner, and I totally lifted EM's entertaining model - make-your-own pizza. Tasty stuff, and especially good for J's very specific tastes. Waking up after Halloween with the tastes of red wine and roasted garlic in your mouth, instead of sugar? That's a sign that you're a real, card-carrying grown-up, my friends.

In other, Rahree-gets-a-spine news, for the first time in my life I called a salon to complain. I know! Usually if I don't like a haircut or color, I either get a box of dye from the drugstore, wait for it to grow out, or start shopping around for a new stylist. My longest relationship with a hairdresser was 13 months...and that was a few years ago. I like my stylist now: she's very fast, she cuts my fine hair well (i.e. it's even and I don't have to trim it myself. ever.), and I like the color she uses. But sometimes she's a little too fast and I end up feeling shorn (but hey! hair grows! not such a big deal!), or she'll just assume that I want the same color - an assumption that, lately, has been right on the money.

But this time? This time I asked for something different. See, when hubby and I met my hair was this deep burgundy/black cherry color. It's not a color readily found in nature, which is why I've ignored his pleas to return to my punk roots. But in a fit of separation anxiety, I decided to go back...to dye my hair a deep, rich, burgundy. My stylist's eyes got wide, but she said "sure...we'll only put a little bit of the burgundy into your regular color, and that way when we do it next time you'll see it more. It won't be such a shock."

Sounds reasonable, right? Right! Here we go!

It's been 5 days. 90% of my hair looks exactly the same as it did before my Wednesday appointment...dark brown with caramely streaks. The roots? Well, they're ranging from the aforementioned burgundy to a metallic mauve. MAUVE. It seems that my hair is a little too light, a little too grey, to really take this color. And I feel a little like a circus freak...I mean, Halloween is officially over.

So I called the salon...stuttered to the receptionist "I've never complained about a hair service in my life....but I had an appointment on Wednesday, and the color's not so much working for me. Can you fit me in to fix it? Before I leave town for a month? Like, say, Tuesday?"

I'm in. No problems...with a "Certainly. When can you come in? If you don't like it I'll happily fix it."

Thank goodness!

I'm going off the grid for a while - will touch base with you from the Left Coast and sunny LA in a few days, as the audition tour is about to start!

My five:
  1. Asking and receiving.
  2. Speaking what's on my mind, in my heart.
  3. Clean, warm laundry. (WAY better than the alternative... ew.)
  4. Completing challenges.
  5. Quality couch time with my boys.


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