11.13.09 opera week

It's National Opera Week! The first one ever!

So it seems only fitting that we heard opera from sun up to sun down...right?

The morning and afternoon were filled with auditions. I'm at the point on the tour where I seriously need a thesaurus...I know that there are better words to describe what I'm hearing than the ones that find their way through my fingertips into the database. But I can't access them...crossing time zones, under-caffeination and a nagging urge to organize all of the receipts I've accrued have zapped me of all creative thought. I'll be spending some time tomorrow trying to find some new words.

Opera was interrupted by the Airstream Diva, who I was thrilled to meet IRL! And my favorite choreographer in the whole world dropped by to say hello. His company was performing in the same building that we were in, and a great friend pulled a string or two. So he dropped in. Just stopped by. To say hi. HOW COOL IS THAT????

After more auditions, we stowed our piles of gak in EM's office, and took our seats for the Houston Grand Opera performance of Lohengrin. I was nervous. I love Wagner's music - don't get me wrong. But my exposure has largely been excerpts and orchestral reading...no singing, no four-hours-of-my-life-I'll-never-get-back. I'm so accustomed to opera in our intimate venue, to seeing real connections rather than symbolic gestures...I thought I was going to feel trapped in the midst of four hours of park and bark.

I was so, so wrong.

The symbolism. The amazingly responsive orchestra. The chorus who found moments of such tenderness and subtlety between the bombast. The singing! Having last heard RMcK sing Verdi in the Barns, and then hearing him surf HUGE BRASS on his first entrance? From as far upstage as he could get? Pretty freaking amazing. And Lohengrin and Ortrud just totally rocked my world. It's a good night when you're both humbled and inspired in equal measure.

This Wagner virgin has been deflowered....and might just fall from grace totally and become a Wagner hussy.

As promised, here are some things that I saw and wanted to share:

  • this. love the show, and love the gov't connection!
  • this. couldn't get it to play in the audition room, but i love it.
  • this. boy, i struggle with this all the time.
  • this. for all my OCD buddies.
  • this. i'm loving this art movement (craft movement? is there a distinction?) so much.
  • this. because stormtroopers use google, too.
And my five:
  1. Meeting cool new people.
  2. Being surprised.
  3. Inspiration.
  4. Belly laughs.
  5. Caffeine.


dkz said…
I'm so glad you were taken by the Wagner. For me those works are the highest and best illustration of what opera can do. And nothing is better than getting intimately rocked by a small army of performers :) Hope you are enjoying all of H-town! KK
airstreamdiva said…
OMG! so nice to meet you too!! and you know, I felt exactly the same way about the Wagner... very reticent to begin with, then completely bowled over by how wonderful it has been.
We should be real life friends more often. :)
rahree said…
DKZ and Airstream Diva, it was SO GOOD to see you both! I was sad to leave Houston and your delightful company.

(AD - we *should* be real life friends more often!)

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