11.15.09 are you calling me fat??

Oh, no. It's my suitcase that's fat.

Fat and expensive. I hoisted that bad boy onto the scale at the airport, and honest-to-goodness it weighed more than the last time I got on a plane. More. Thank the heavens for our guardian angel RT, who shepherded us through this last airport gauntlet! Yes, friends... I said "last," because our mode of transport will be trains from this point forward. No long security lines, no taking my shoes off, no more paying a gazillion dollars (or getting anxious at the thought of paying a gazillion dollars) for my bag and me to end up in the same city.


I'm happily ensconced in a lovely hotel on Broadway on the Upper West Side, about 20 floors above the crowded streets. From way up here the traffic and all the people cease to be oppressive, and are just charming...like tiny dolls and matchbox cars. And honestly, I may just stay up here. I took my life into my hands and went to the Fairway at 7:00pm on a Sunday night, and just about lost my mind because EVERYONE IN MANHATTAN WAS GROCERY SHOPPING.


I think I'll just watch you all from my little bird's nest. Go about your business, don't mind me.

Tomorrow we have auditions for our Studio program, and will be seeing this show in the evening. To quote EE, "Prison! Yay!"

My five:
  1. High-floor hotel rooms with views. I lucked out.
  2. Feeling caught up to a degree, instead of perpetually behind.
  3. Having the opportunity to visit NYC, but not needing to live here.
  4. The prospect of reconnecting with friends.
  5. A relaxing evening in.
And as a silly, silly bonus, here's a video that makes me laugh until tears well up in my eyes. You've probably seen it, but maybe not for a while. Watch at 0:26 for my favorite part. It's all of 3 seconds, but it gets me every time...

(Don't judge.)


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