11.6.09 Get ready...get set...


We're in California. (Well, mostly...my body clock is still very much on East Coast time. 3:30am local feels like the perfect time to start my day. It's a problem.) The opera singing has started, as has the horrible eating and the travel-induced stiffness. But, lest you think it's all hardship, I've splased in the ocean, caught up with some opera-y buddies, and even exercised a skosh. (Running with the ocean in sight? Awesome.)

Today we're hearing folks for both tiers of our program. It's more than a little bit like Christmas...who knows what voices are going to walk through the door? The possibilities are endless! Plus I'll get to see Ninochka, a fabulous pianist who just happens to be a friend and castmate from my grad school days. And if I'm not mistaken, there's a fabulous Japanese grocery just across the way for lunch - sushi anyone?

At the crack of dawn tomorrow I'll head back east for a few welcome days with my boys before setting out again.

My five:
  1. Generous, heartwarming hosts.
  2. Sea air.
  3. Celebrity sightings.
  4. Butter. (OMG I've eaten a cubic ton in two days. SO GOOD.)
  5. Homecomings of every sort.


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