It's time for cleaning house, in every way.

My actual house? A muddy mess.
My office? Cluttered to the gills.
My mental treehouse? Stuffed with things that are unhelpful, confusing or rut-fostering.
My google reader? Like my bloggy friend the Airstream Diva, it's always at 1000+.

I should purge. Get rid of some of the noise. But, truth be told, I'm enjoying the clutter, the fullness, the stuffed-to-the-rafters feeling. It's no secret that the holidays are paradoxically joyous and extremely difficult for lots of us...this year I think that my holiday gift to myself, my "woobie," consists solely of being gentle with myself.

That and a glass of wine. Of course.

My favorite (and sickest) thing to do on New Year's Eve is to deep clean my house. I've only ever managed it two or three times in my life, but I love it...there's something about starting the new year with a sparkly clean house and a champagne hangover that really can't be beat.

In the interest of housecleaning, here are some interesting/silly/stupid things from teh interwebs.
  • This. Every time he writes, my secret plans to become a novelist weep tiny, futile tears.
  • This has strengthened my resolve to take advantage of the billion free museums and galleries in town.
  • This gets be excited for a new project.
  • This made me laugh out loud. FB is getting creepy. And why do you keep calling me Hal?
  • I like all of these. Need? Nope. Want. Yes, indeedy.
  • These are perfect for your iPhone friendys. But they're probably sold out. Still, a good idea.
  • Cartoons and dietary weakness? Count me in.
  • I can vouch for these firsthand. Plus, add some cinnamon and oats and cut them into bigger slabs and you have scones. They're part of my all-carb diet for 2010.
And my five:
  1. Thinsulate. It is COLD outside!
  2. These guys. I should be over them by now, but I'm totally not.
  3. Carbs. Bread and butter, wine, chocolate, potatoes, pasta, cheese... I'm so in.
  4. More music. When one of their tunes pops up on my iTunes, I'm always pleasantly surprised.
  5. Being surrounded with folks who make me happy.


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