12.12.09 operation Grammy dress

So, the recording has been nominated for a Grammy. And it's sold out on Amazon (temporarily, I promise. And it's cheaper here anyhoo.) And the powers that be have graciously authorized our excursion westward to take part in the ceremony.

Holy! Crap! SERIOUSLY???

This awesome news has thrown a total wrench into my holiday plans...my plans to ignore the gym and eat as much butter as Paula Deen allows.

(How much butter is that, you ask? ALL OF IT.)

I headed to the gym this morning, and as I was warming up on the elliptical, I see her. Not Paula Deen, this other girl. She's got my haircut, my hair color. But she's beautiful. And skinny in that rich-and-rarefied-air manner. Her thighs do not touch, she has no body fat and she moves like a ballerina. She's like my doppelganger, but with better genetics and more willpower and better, well, everything.


I hop off the elliptical and into kettlebell class. As does she.

I resolve to wipe. the. floor. with her.

(Blessedly I forget about her when I'm struggling through the class...lifting heavy things eighteen million times will do that, I suppose.)

After class and another half-hour on the elliptical (GRAMMY DRESS, PEOPLE!) I head to the locker room. And find out that her locker is right next to mine.

And that she just joined the gym.

And that she thought the class was hard, too.

And that she and her husband live nearby.

And that she's actually quite lovely.

And that I'm a total bitch (I know, you knew that) for jumping to conclusions.

The positive in all this - other than the reminder that pretty people can be nice, too - is that I now have great motivation for Operation Grammy dress. We're SO going to be twins by the time this is all over.

AND if decide to go ahead and eat all of Paula Deen's butter? I can just send my doppelganger to the ceremony. :)

My five:
  1. Looking forward, especially at a time of year when I traditionally focus on the past.
  2. Having my assumptions challenged.
  3. Brisket in the crock pot...my house smells like meaty goodness.
  4. Good chats with good friends.
  5. Finding motivation.


airstreamdiva said…
oooo what are the dress options????
pictures please!

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