12.13.09 non-traditional gifts

I have officially started my holiday shopping. I'm not anywhere close to being done, but at least I've started.

One of my girlfriends and I have started a new tradition...rather than buying each other gifts, we're sending each other pictures of things. It all started with a pillow shaped like a black lab. My buddy said "I was going to buy you this labrador pillow, but it was waaaaay too expensive for, well, a dog-shaped pillow." I'm not a huge fan of even the most tasteful dog-shaped pillow, so I thanked her profusely for not buying it for me. The next day I received a magazine clipping with one of the most horrific outfits I've ever seen, and the note "I did NOT get this for you for Xmas!"

Best. Gift. Ever.

I never know when I'll get a photo of upscale denim (really, there is NO SUCH THING. It's like the Yeti of the fashion world.) or a magazine clipping hawking ridiculous feminine hygiene products...it's always a surprise, and it's always something that I would never, ever want to own. So, in that way, it fits perfectly...it's just right! Plus it doesn't need to be wrapped, doesn't cost anything, and most importantly, shows that she's thinking of me. Which is the real point of gifts, right? To let people know that they're on your mind...that you appreciate them. That's always the part I forget...the obligations and traditions always tend to take center stage.

I promise a little bloggy present to come before Christmas, my friends. And it may truly be something that you'd never, ever want to own. But you'll just have to wait and see....

My five:
  1. Laughing. 
  2. Listening to this tune at the gym, turned up so loud that it kinda feels like I'm singing along.
  3. Crock pots. 
  4. Brunch.
  5. Cold, rainy weekend days...if you need me, I'll be on my couch with a book and a cup of tea.


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