12.15.09 good day

Right before I woke up today, I had a short dream...I was in a store at the mall, Macy's maybe? Hechts? I was looking at Jerry Garcia ties, obviously searching for a present for my dad. I couldn't decide. (If you're familiar with the ties, they're pretty loud and colorful, and my dad had quite a collection in his day. It was my go-to gift for him when I was singing, as I wouldn't buy him his beloved cigars. *cough*) I looked up from the display, and he was standing there with a loving, indulgent look on his face and laughing soundlessly, shoulders shaking with glee. And I started to laugh, too...it was a "yeah, I'm ridiculous...I know." moment, but an exceedingly silly one.

I guess that means I'm officially off the hook for his Christmas gift this year.

But a good dream about Pops augured a good day all around. Today I:
  • walked the dog three extra blocks on a lovely, mild morning.
  • got a new, zippy computer at the office!
  • noticed there were PIEROGI in the lunchroom vending machine! (TG, the other basement Pollock, did quality control for me...he said they were great!)
  • had sushi for lunch!
  • had a great meeting with a conductor.
  • drank champagne. Before 5pm. At work. (And I still have a job! Woo-hoo!)
  • played and sang a little bit...may have even recorded some takes! (Not brave enough to listen, but that's another step.)
  • took a great balance class at the gym, and rocked it!
  • ate a Wise Man, two sheep, and the Star in the East. (I love Christmas cookies!)
It's 10pm...I'm going to do a little reading and head to bed. Here's hoping that I'll meet Dad in the tie section again this evening.

My five:
  1. Small challenges.
  2. Glossy magazines.
  3. Laughter.
  4. Fizzy beverages.
  5. Loving and being loved.


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