12.17.09 holy crap is it early...

...and let's be honest, I've not caffeinated sufficiently to write anything worth reading in this little spot.

But I suppose that's not stopped me before.

Kid Ca$$ tagged this video, and I have to say I really like it. The song is good (what can I say? I like me a good twangy, sentimental waltz!), and at about the 3 minute mark there's a very sweet, slightly awkward dance sequence. The twinkly lights are the best...I'd like them for my house, please.

I was also going to point you toward Citizen of the Month, as I was convinced that I was going to participate in the online holiday concert. But I chickened out...sent the tune to a friend who I knew would both like it and be gentle. But check out the other folks who are getting into the holiday spirit!

Me? Still waiting for that holiday spirit, actually. Having a hard time getting excited about gifting, in particular...I'm excited to see people and spend time with them, but I'm not so into buying crap that I'm not sure they want or need. Maybe I'll give everyone a card as a placeholder, that says "Your Xmas present is delayed," and then wait until they need or want something, or have forgotten totally about the whole thing and Pow! Here's a present!

Or maybe I just need to suck it up and hit the mall. Harumph.

Let's see if I can wake up sufficiently to go for a quick jog (in the cold...eep) before getting ready for work. I get bonus points for working out early AND in the elements, right?

My five:
  1. Coffee. The sponsor of this blog entry, and many others.
  2. Morning stars.
  3. Singing.
  4. Quiet time.
  5. New beginnings.
Edited to add: Ok, I'm NOT a chicken. A bad recording of me channeling my inner Joni Mitchell is up at Citizen of the Month's Christmahanukwanzaakah Concert.  But there's hordes more SUPERFAB holiday goodness up. Even I'm getting into the spirit!


    Neil said…
    Chicken! But happy holidays anyway...
    Anonymous said…
    I listened to you singing . What a beautiful voice and song. Any chance to redo it with a little less piano????

    Thanks so much---and now I have found your blog

    rahree said…
    thanks Neil - happy holidays back to you!
    rahree said…
    Hi Gramps - Thanks for your kind words! If I have any more luck with some better recording equipment, I promise I'll post the new version.

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