Well, we got more of the white stuff last night, and today it's beautiful! Sunny, cold, and pristine. We're contemplating a trip to the Park to do some sledding, and I'm thinking about baking some apple spice cake since a neighbor brought over a bag of Pink Lady apples from a PA orchard.

And, even though I shouldn't, I think I'm going to wait one more day before I finish up Christmas shopping.

Just so you see how much snow we actually got, here's the Hubster and Boo playing in the yard. Keep in mind that the human in the video is 6' 4" tall.

It's a lotta snow for south of the Mason-Dixon line!

My five:
  1. Pancakes and Canadian maple syrup for breakfast. Yum!
  2. Sunshine on snow.
  3. Warm socks.
  4. Tea.
  5. Nesting.


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